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Nebraska Recruits and Targets At Day 2 Of The Opening

A lot of highlights and two interviews you’ll want to listen to.

Student Sports

Day 2 went down at The Opening in Oregon, the Nike sponsored mega-camp for recruits.

As we talked about yesterday in the Day 1 recap, several Nebraska commits and targets shined throughout the day.

In this video, you’ll see many commits and targets running 1 on 1 routes and defending them.

Some of the kids you saw were Joshua Moore, Bookie, Chase Williams, Kamryn Babb, Houston Griffith, Bryan Addison and Isaac Taylor-Stuart.

It was interesting to see Bookie going both ways and holding his own. The only time he struggled was when he was playing a tight end, and even then it’s probably going to be expected that a recruit his size struggles in that aspect.

I thought you could see what Keith Williams had been working on with Moore, and his pass route running was pretty crisp.

And, just to hear what he’s telling folks, here’s two interviews with Bookie. One by himself, another one with fellow verbal Chase Williams.

Man, sounds like these kids aren’t scared of playing in cold weather.

As far as the rest of the day goes, Bookie was involved, but others were noticed.

We’ll have more after today’s festivities.