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2017 Nebraska Fan Day Is Today!!!!!

wooo get out there and meet the players, coaches, and have a blast! Here’s the info you need including a map!

2012 Arkanas State game Dennis Hubbard

Today is Fan Day!

Or, more accurately, FAN DAY is this evening from 6-8 pm this evening at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska.

FAN DAY is where you can meet and greet the Nebraska players, coaches, and staff before the first practice of begins on Sunday morning.

After Fan Day, fans can stay for Movie Night!

Players, coaches, and staff will leave because they have to start focusing on football, while, you, the fan, will be allowed to stay and watch a free movie - Lego Batman - on behalf of your beloved Nebraska Athletic Department, and of course, the corporate sponsor, U.S. Cellular, whose name I’m mentioning without specifically being paid to do it.

After Fan Day, fans will be moved to the West Stadium stands so tables and chairs can be removed without small children being run over. Fans can bring blankets and strollers, but no chairs, because chairs might damage the beautiful FieldTurf surface of Tom Osborne Field, and you wouldn’t want to be responsible for that potential blasphemy, would you?

Once they remove all that stuff from the field, you’re welcome to sit on the field or in designated areas in the stands.

The move will be shown on the new HuskerVision screen. No word on replays.

After the movie is over, sadly, you must leave, and wait for football season to begin. You cannot live at Memorial Stadium. This cannot be made clear enough, because I know that some of you would take that option were it presented.

Nebraska fans will be able to enter Memorial Stadium through four gates--Gates 3 (SW), 11 (NW), 15 (NE) and 24 (SE), with gates opening at 6 p.m.

Autographs obtained for players and coaches are for personal use only. Any re-sale of an autographed item is prohibited and re-sale of an item with a student-athlete’s signature could jeopardize the player’s eligibility. IF YOU WANT TO DO THIS KIND OF THING, GO TO WISCONSIN’S OR IOWA’S FAN DAY YOU POOP.

Autograph cards with a full 2017 roster, unsigned Coach Mike Riley autograph cards and other items will be available for fans at the gates. Free 2017 posters will be available from the Husker Team Shop tent on the field.

Parking will be available for fans in lots on campus around Memorial Stadium. Fans can park for free in the 14th& Avery parking garage, the Stadium Drive Parking Garage, Lot 5 northeast of Memorial Stadium and Lot 11 at the north end of the walking bridge outside of Memorial Stadium.

Fans will have access to restrooms on the ground level, near gates 2, 15 and 24. Fans will not have access to the Osborne Athletic Complex.

Here is a PDF of the 2017 FAN DAY Map for download, or to examine on your mobile device.

2017 Fan Day Map


If you go, be sure to share some photos with us, okay?