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Nebraska Makes Delicious Beer: Breweries in the Rest of the State

Sunset on Lake McConaughey

Nebraska has right around fifty active breweries. Some of them, like Blue Blood in Lincoln or Kinkaider in Broken Bow distribute and are available at outlets all over the state. While there are many that do distribute, there are also quite a few that do not.

For a list, and many profiles, of breweries around the state, check out the CornNation section on beer. There you can see the lists broken down by area of the state, along with the profiles we’ve had a chance to do through the last three summers.

Through the course of the month of July, we’ve talked about Lincoln-area, Omaha-area, and Tri-cities breweries. While those population centers have many of the states’ best-known breweries, there are well-established breweries throughout Nebraska.

We covered Kinkaider in Broken Bow and Scratchtown in Ord during the summer of 2015.

Other breweries throughout the state in alphabetical order:

As you can see, it is likely that there is a local brewery near you. Please support these local small businesses. They are passion projects by people in the community. When you go in, let them know you read about them on CornNation.

Go explore your locals. Let us know on Twitter, @cornnation and @coach_ty6 what you’re drinking and where you’re drinking it. We’d love to swing by your tailgate this season and share what you’re drinking.