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Did adidas Tease The “New” Nebraska Football Jersey Online?

Meshing new ideas with old maybe?

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It appears that that Nebraska Football jersey that adidas has pimped has jumped the shark & given us a look.

So, what does it look like? Well...


What’s different? Mesh. The front of the jersey has the mesh looking numbers. They give a feel to harken back to 1997, the last National Championship year for the Huskers.

Take this picture from 1997:

Scott Frost Nebraska

... and compare it with Tommy Armstrong last year.

Minnesota v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

If the picture in the ad is to be believed, there’s a mesh figure to this year’s jersey. That being said, the pictures we’re seeing of players hyping this year doesn’t seem to be too much of a change.

Now, one thing to realize is that these promo pictures were taken a while back. So, Nebraska probably didn’t have the new uniforms yet.

Maybe adidas is still planning that throwback. But, still, it’s a kind of odd thing to look at being on sale w/o something being released yet. We’ll be back later after it drops to see how accurate they are. Also... something something pants stripes.