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Nebraska Football: Mike Riley’s Breakout Group Comments At Big Ten Media Days

Some interesting comments from the Huskers HC after his podium time.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve given you what Mike Riley had to say on the podium during Big Ten Media Days. Now, we’ll give you some comments that the Nebraska Cornhuskers Head Coach had in his breakout session away from the TV lights.

If you remember, Morgan & Reed were busted for weed in Florida back in May. Even without commenting on a decision, Riley stated that he “was pleased with the steps” with both in how they have been progressing on the issue.

The ongoing issue with Elijah Blades dictated this response from Riley when asked. One has to wonder if this is either from 1) Blades being wayyyyyyyy off on what he’s told folks about coming to Lincoln or 2) the school or Riley simply not wanting to deal with academic redshirts.

I get the Deiontae Watts part, we knew that it was more than probable in that Watts wasn’t making Lincoln. That being said, the second part of this discussion really intrigues me.

To me, this is missing out on some close, friendly resources. You have Iowa Western CC up the road, and down in Kansas some good CC’s like Fort Scott. If Nebraska isn’t interested in these kids down the road, then why recruit some of them in the first place I would ask.

If there’s anything that comes close to how Nebraska feels about the issue, Riley put it out there for anyone to hear. With how he cited routine and such, I get the point. Especially when you already have one short week in the Iowa week. One has to wonder how much more Shawn Eichorst will stay without stepping out on it. That being said, someone made the point to call out the Nebraska AD once again.

Per this interview with 247’s Brian Christopherson, it sounds like the issues with both Avery Roberts & Alex Davis will be ready to go for the start of Fall Camp this coming week. It also sounds like DaiShon Neal has a “lingering injury” that the staff will be watching as he comes out for camp. What that injury is is anyone’s guess.