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Remembering Sam Foltz And Mike Sadler

It’s been one year.

Rest in Peace Sam Foltz David McGee

Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of punters Sam Foltz (Nebraska) and Mike Sadler (Michigan State) in a single vehicle accident in Wisconsin.

I never got to meet either of them. It will be, I believe 11 years in August that I’ve been running CN, and I have spent that time mostly online with you folks. In 2015, I told myself that I’d start making more trips to Lincoln in order to meet more people personally, if for no other reason that they could tell me how lousy the site is if nothing else. Then stuff happened, and I haven’t had the energy to get down there a lot since. Maybe 2017. Maybe this year I’ll get my butt moving and start making more personal contact with other Husker fans, media, and players on game days.

That’s kind of the fallacy with which we live our lives... I’ll take care of that.. someday. Sure, I’ll try something new next week. I’ll give that old friend a call. I’ll forgive that person.

Then one day there are no somedays.

When you get older, you see it coming. You try to ignore it, but it gets louder as the years pass. When it happens to someone young, all you can wonder about is what they might have done with the tomorrows they’ll never get to have.

I really should make more effort to touch the people in my life.

So should you.

Steven M. Sipple: For some, Foltz's death can be 'tough, touchy situation to bring up' | Column |

"One of the things I wanted to say to you and talk to you about, it's kind of a tough, touchy situation to bring up," Hahn said. "But to me and a couple other guys who were close to Sam, and maybe some of his family members, it's just been kind of irritating to see how some people have handled the deal — how they've used Sam's name and the tragedy for their own benefit and own limelight a little bit.


An excellent piece by Sipp, worthy of your time.

Huskers Remember Legacy of Foltz with Memorial - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Anybody who knew Sam Foltz will proudly rave about his outstanding character, his captivating leadership, his unyielding work ethic, his humility, his positive, even-keel attitude and, above all, his friendship.

Michigan State Football: Mike Sadler remembered, honored in Wisconsin & Michigan this weekend | isportsweb
The plan is to show videos highlights of both Mike and Sam’s life and collegiate football career, then present two awards: the Mike Sadler Award of Excellence and the Sam Foltz Award of Excellence.

Late Michigan State punter Mike Sadler honored at high school kicking camp
a high school kicking camp in Wisconsin honored the late Big Ten Conference punters with a special ceremony Saturday afternoon.

1st Annual MIKE SADLER Celebration of Life | Michael Sadler Foundation
July 23, 2017 Founders Brewing is partnering with the Michael Sadler Foundation to celebrate the 1st year anniversary of Mike Sadler's Celebration of Life