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Nebraska Makes Delicious Beer: Tri-Cities Breweries

In the last year, at least ten new breweries have opened across the state. This means if we tried to keep up with each individual brewery... we’d never get to all of them. By the end of this summer, we’ll have told you about where you can find great beer across this state, with links to the breweries’ websites.

Head to our Beer Brewing and Other Libations page to catch up on all the beer we’ve covered, and our conversation with Colby Coash from the Nebraska Craft Brewers’ Guild. You can see every brewery we’ve profiled, as well as the updates this summer from Lincoln and Omaha.

Let’s get to the Tri-Cities, Grand Island, Kearney, and Hastings. This is a part of the state that is seeing great growth in craft brewing, and they are making great beer.


Grand Island:

  • Prairie Pride Brewing
  • Kinkaider Brewing - This company will be featured next week when we talk about the rest of the state, as they’re based in Broken Bow, but they have a taproom in Grand Island.


There are breweries that are close to Grand Island, Kearney, and Hastings that we didn’t cover here. It’s hard to decide how close to the city it should be to be considered “area”. In Omaha and Lincoln, they were either a suburb or have a taproom in town.

Next week, we’ll talk about the rest of the state. It’s incredible how many breweries are opening in towns from small to large across the state. They are great places for the community to come together and hearken back to the early beer industry in the US.