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Nebraska Football: Fall 2017 Scholarship Chart

What does it look like now, and what does it mean for the ‘18 class?

David McGee

With Fall camp around the corner, normally I do a scholarship chart showing what Nebraska has where.

With the recent news of Deiontae Watts & Elijah Blades deciding not to come to Lincoln, however, I’m bumping up the timing of this to now.

Nebraska, quite frankly, has spots available right now to offer kids. It is at a number that, quite honestly, is not good.

Here, as always, are the rules on these things:

- I simply put players on where they are listed coming into the season. Redshirt or true, that does not matter.

- Players will be listed in spots that I have seen them mentioned. They may be moved at the end of Camp, but going into everything this is where I think they will play.

Nebraska’s Fall 2017 Scholarship Chart

Position Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman 2018 Verbal
Position Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman 2018 Verbal
Quarterback Lee O'Brien, Gebbia
Running Back Taylor Wilbon, Ozigbo Bryant Bradley
Fullback-H Back Miles
Wide Receiver Pierson-El Morgan, Keyan Williams, Darlington Spielman, McQuitty, Lindsey Moore, Allen
Tight End Snyder Stoll, Englehaupt, Allen, Rafdal Jurgens
Offensive Tackle Knevel Gates Gaylord Farniok, Sichterman, Jaimes, Walker
Offensive Guard Foster, Farmer Barnett Brokop, Wilson, Bando, Raridon
Center Decker Farniok
Nose Tackle Stoltenberg Davis Daniels Mapieu
Defensive Tackle Natter Freedom, Newell Neal, Davis Thomas Wildeman
Outside Linebacker Newby King, Gifford Davis, Ferguson Alexander, Stille, Jefferson, Thomas
Inside Linebacker Weber Young Barry Miller, Roberts, Hampton, Ward
Cornerback Joseph, Kalu, Jones Jackson, Lee Dismuke, Bootle, Radley-Hiles, Williams, Goodrich
Safety K. Williams A. Williams,Reed Anderson, Domann Butler
Special Teams Brown Ober Lightbourn Pickering
Totals 11 18 16 32 10
Total Scholarships in use 77
Short of limit 8
Spots available in '18 cycle to fill 19
Nebraska’s Fall 2017 Scholarship Chart Brian Towle/CN

Whew, a couple things to take from this.

- If you’re wondering why Offensive or Defensive Linemen aren’t in big need, but Defensive Backs or Wideouts are, your proof is above. 14 of 15 OL and 9 of 10 DL are underclassmen. On the flip side, there are 7 scholarship WR’s at this time.

- If the staff wanted to redshirt Chris Jones and keep him as a Senior next year, it would help the development of Cornerback as is. That being said, the staff have already replaced the outgoing Seniors with recruiting.

- Tight End, Guard and Center..... hoo boy they are young. You can argue the whole OL is young, given that there’s one Senior on the line. That speaks well for continuity & hope for development, but Mike Cavanaugh is under a microscope because of that.

- Nebraska could give 7 spots away to walk-on players, but then it gets complicated. By NCAA rule, these are one-year scholarships that are renewable. So, if Nebraska either gave them all to Seniors or chose to keep them open, they could fill them with this recruiting class. Therefore, with the 19 open spots + the 3 you can oversign with the Big Ten rule, Nebraska could take as many as 22 players next cycle. That’s not probably what is going to happen, but it’s a possibility.