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Nebraska 2017 DL Signee Deiontae Watts Won’t Be Enrolling In Lincoln

Watts is one of two players that may not qualify from the 2017 class.


As first reported by Bryan Munson of HOL/Rivals and confirmed by Sam McKewon of the Omaha World-Herald, Nebraska Defensive Tackle Deiontae Watts will not be heading to Lincoln.

Watts, according to several folks, did not get the proper test scores to enroll at Nebraska this coming Fall.

Nebraska knew he was a risk when he signed, but was hoping that he’d pass his test scores and enroll. When Watts signed with Nebraska, he also signed with Fort Scott Community College, in case he didn’t make it through the NCAA Clearinghouse. But, with the quote from Watts’ mother up top from Sam, one has to wonder if he will even make it to Fort Scott.

While it’s not the best thing, Nebraska can afford the hit they are taking without Watts on campus. With Deontre Thomas & Damion Daniels on campus, Nebraska won’t be bare at the Defensive Tackle spot.

The same can’t be said of the lone Defensive Back in this class, Elijah Blades. Word on the street is Blades won’t qualify either and be falling back to a CC in Arizona. Blades has been radio quiet, however, and Nebraska hasn’t mentioned anything about this.

Considering the injury to Chris Jones, Blades’ talent would have been on the field almost immediately, even with missing summer conditioning work with Donte’ Williams.