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Nebraska Makes Delicious Beer: Omaha Area Breweries

Last week we started this summer’s beer series by updating you on the breweries in the Lincoln area, reviewing breweries we’ve already covered, and introducing you to breweries that have opened since last summer, or are planning to open by the end of 2017.

In June, we talked with Colby Coash from the Nebraska Craft Brewers’ Guild about the growth of craft brewing in the state, what’s happened in the Unicameral, and what is being done to help grow these local businesses.

So now, let’s talk about Nebraska’s biggest city, Omaha, and where you can go to get good, local beers and get to know where they came from.

Over the last two summers we profiled quite a few Omaha-area breweries:

Breweries in the Omaha area we haven’t covered:

Additionally, Omaha is home to taprooms from breweries located in other parts of the state:

Look for new satellite locations to come soon, as there are other breweries around the state looking to have a presence in Omaha.

As in Lincoln, more breweries are opening all the time.

Next Friday, we’ll introduce all the breweries in the Tri-Cities area (Grand Island, Kearney, Hastings) and finish up the month of July, and summer 2017 with the breweries in the other parts of the state.