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Corn Flakes: Where Are The Famous People Named Tanner?

There are no famous people named Tanner. In any walk of life. Anywhere. Tanner Lee could really make a mark in the world.

I thought about doing a Tanner Lee-based list for today, such as the “Top 10 most Famous Tanners”. Thing is.... I looked for a bit and I really couldn’t find any famous Tanners.

Maybe a little bit famous. Maybe, but even those are hard to come by. I mean, look at how sad this list is. And what about this one? This list is also bleak, so bleak they included someone named “Stanner” and threw in some porn stars titled as “Actress” just so they could have a list.

There’s no “General Tanner” who lead his army across the Alps to harass the Romans for years. There’s no “Tanner” who invented penicillin. There’s astronaut Joe Tanner, but that’s Tanner with a last name, not a first. “Tanner Perkins” didn’t murder Janet Leigh in the 1960 Hitchcock thriller, “Psycho”, and movie that changed all movies to come.

Fictional characters named Tanner? Apparently not, because if you do that search on Google, it actually comes up with “Characters named Lauren” and “Characters named Donald” before any characters to do with “Tanner”. Wikipedia’s list of Tanners... pretty unremarkable.

What does this mean for Tanner Lee?

It means the world is wide open for him! If he is a great quarterback, he could be the first real Tanner to make a name for himself. He could be the hope that Tanners across the globe are waiting for - someone to call their own, someone to make them proud.

Heisman winner Tanner Lee, NFL First Round Draft Pick Tanner Lee, Super Bowl and underwear model Tanner Lee!

Tanner Lee, the world is your oyster!

Extension seeks Lincoln's extra harvest to help those in need | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Nebraska Extension is challenging Lincoln gardeners to grow extra produce this season to support those in need.

Makes sense. Just about everybody I know that has a garden gets overwhelmed by their harvest when it all comes at once. Might as well have some of it go to help other people, especially if it allows them to eat healthier, which would allow them to be healthier, which in the long run would lower health care costs for everyone.

Program allows SNAP participants to double fruits, vegetables | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Nebraska Extension is partnering with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, CHI Health and Children's Hospital and Medical Center to double the value of federal nutrition benefits in Lincoln through the Double Up Food Bucks program.

Does strength depend on more than muscle? Husker study suggests so | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

A recent study has given new meaning to the concept of brain power by suggesting that physical strength might stem as much from exercising the nervous system as the muscles it controls.

I found this interesting, despite the fact that I can barely lift anything anymore. Any strength I had went away when I was dead for a while, and I really haven’t gotten any upper body strength back. I need to work on that.

This one is for you guys who actually work out.

Why a single nuke's impact shouldn't only be measured in megatons | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

In a new report, a group of Nebraska experts led by Adam Liska determined that a single nuclear warhead could cause devastating climate change, resulting in widespread drought and famine that could cost a billion lives.

It’s that “nuclear winter” thing they came up with when they were sure Reagan vs the Russians was gonna destroy all life on the planet.

Warning system gets the early drop on drought | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Agricultural crops can wither in a flash when the days turn hot, the air dries, the rain stops and moisture evaporates quickly from the soil. A new early warning system developed by two nationally recognized centers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, along with the U.S. Geological Survey, can help alert stakeholders as drought begins.

Battle of the sexes in science hurts girls -- and boys, too | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The study also found that between sixth and eighth grades, students appear to shift their thinking in terms of gender biases. About a quarter of sixth-grade girls said they believed girls were better at science. But in eighth grade that number flipped, showing 25 percent of girls thought boys were better at science.

The key here - if you have a daughter who is in middle school and you want her to get a STEM degree because maybe then she’ll be able to earn a good living, then maybe you should be aware of what’s going on and encourage her to stick with science.

And then encourage your boys, too.


College Sports: The Big 12 is desperate and depending on Tom Herman, Lincoln Riley to save it | SportsDay

"The pressure on Lincoln Riley and Tom Herman is immense -- not only for the schools, the alumni bases, the senses of pride and tradition but also for the health of the Big 12," Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt said. "If one or the other falter, it would put the Big 12 in a desperate scenario in the next five or six years."

That’s just too fucking bad, isn’t it?

Purdue Coach Joe Tiller Reportedly Battling Health Issues - Hammer and Rails
The beloved Purdue coach received support from Kevin Sumlin.

The Top Ten Most Wisconsin Football Traditions - Off Tackle Empire

Or "Speth Didn’t Have a Wednesday Story Idea"

Too many of these involve Nebraska, and we haven’t even played them that much yet.

College Football Playoff should be the expectation for Georgia and Kirby Smart -
Kirby Smart didn't say it at the SEC Media Days on Tuesday morning, but was definitely thinking it.

Georgia is a College Football Playoff contender.

At least, that should be the expectation in Year 2 of his stint as the lead Bulldog. He walked right up to that fence without actually saying it.

Kevin Sumlin knows real pressure, and being on Texas A&M's hot seat ain't it -
"Coach Sumlin knows he has to win," Woodward said on May 30. "He has to win this year. He has to do better than he has done in the past."

The SEC Coaches’ Hot Seat Rankings: 2017 Preseason Edition - Team Speed Kills
Which SEC coaches could be looking for a new job in December?

Alabama, Nick Saban's dominance is hurting the SEC's health |
This year? It feels like Alabama and everyone else—just as it did last year. Since losing the Kick-Six game to Auburn in November 2013, Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide have so thoroughly dominated the SEC that they’ve sucked all the competitive oxygen from a league that used to produce multiple national title contenders on an annual basis. And unless some teams have improved dramatically in the offseason, it doesn’t feel like anyone is ready to close the gap.

Houston Nutt sues Ole Miss athletics, alleging embarrassment and emotional distress - Red Cup Rebellion
The former coach is alleging emotional distress and embarrassment, among other charges.

Then There’s This:

Watch Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor press conference live stream from Toronto -
McGregor guaranteed that Mayweather will be unconscious within four rounds.

Mayweather promised a knockout of his own — telling McGregor he can either leave the ring on his back or on his face.

This thing is everywhere. I’m not sure I should pay attention to it or not. I tend to ignore most sports beyond college, but it’s difficult to ignore this stuff. I know little to nothing about the fight itself. Are they boxing? Are they MMAing?

I know McGregor knows how to be a showman, from the little I’ve actually watched of this. But other than that, I’m not paying to see this.

Pius X students stuck to it: won $10,000 scholarship with duct tape prom attire | Local |
As it turns out, the four weeks and 25 Exacto knives it took to cut more than 14 rolls of sticky duct tape and fashion it into a prom dress