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Big Red Cobcast: The New Johnny Stanton?

The guys try and figure out who will ultimately be the odd man out in the Huskers’ quarterback situation. Also, they get crazy excited about recruiting potential. Like way too excited.

Illinois v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I just got back from England, and now I’m ready for some football that involves less kicking. I’m itching for some good ol’ American Husker Football.

But with football talk comes anxiety. We at the Big Red Cobcast can’t help but wonder: is there a logjam waiting to happen at the quarterback position for the Huskers? Is someone about to become Johnny Stanton? Which Husker who we currently love and adore will inevitably become a UNLV Runnin’ Rebel we eventually forget?

I can’t deal with goodbyes, and there haven’t even been any departures yet.

So join us (and don’t leave). Listen to our thoughts on the future of the quarterback position at Nebraska, in addition to dream recruiting scenarios and critiques of my fashion sense.

Seriously, don’t ever leave us.

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