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Flakes: Stadium Upgrades, Mid-Life Crisis, Volleyball

Jill is having her mid-life crisis. Maybe she should see the chat bot. The athletic department announces stadium upgrades and two former Huskers are in the running to play with the US Volleyball national team.

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Gallery: Volleyball Opens Home Schedule with a Bang David McGee

I had a birthday a couple weeks ago. That birthday was not a nice round number or anything, but it still signaled to me that I’ve probably reached the downhill side of my lifespan.

/Engage mid-life crisis.

I believe every mid-life crisis is required to include pondering the secret to happiness. While many self-help gurus, book authors, your-Facebook-friends-who-sell-something, and bitch and whine “talk” radio hosts will give you every sort of narrative about happiness, it is really quite simple.

Lower your expectations.

I’m probably not going to lose this extra weight. I’m definitely not going to make the Olympic track and field team. Global warming better hurry up if I am going to live somewhere with palm trees. Medical school is unlikely. Rich....hahahahaha. I’m running out of time to make a significant contribution to humanity.

I could spend time worrying about all of that. Or, I could enjoy the fact that this year’s broccoli might actually get harvested without any bugs. I have three sons that are polite and know how to work. I like my job.

I may not have changed the world, or conquered it. But, I am making a path that generally leads the right direction. My mid-life crisis will likely revolve around deciding if that is enough.

It is harder than it seems.

Corn Flakes

The seats are getting bigger in some places. Husker fans’ backsides have grown to match the size of our expectations.

Husker fans to enjoy new stadium amenities - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
New video boards and ribbon boards highlight changes to Memorial Stadium for 2017 season

Husker, teacher, farmer: the Nebraska legacy of Marvin Mueller - News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE;
"Touchdown!" The crowd of family members gathered in the yard outside former Husker and co-captain Marvin Mueller's home cheer as his grandson charges down field. It's a snapshot of Mueller's endur...

NEB T&F: Huskers Head to Eugene for NCAA Championships - News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE;
Posted By: Sports Courtesy: UNL Media Relations Members of the Nebraska track and field team head to Eugene, Oregon this week for the NCAA Outdoor Championships at historic Ha...

Jumping over obstacles makes Tierra Williams stronger heading into final meet | More Husker sports |
Count Tierra Williams among the many to watch college fly before their very eyes.

Former Huskers Named to Preliminary FIVB World Grand Prix Roster - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The U.S. Women's Volleyball National Team named its 21-player preliminary roster for the 2017 FIVB World Grand Prix on Tuesday, and former Husker All-Americans Amber Rolfzen and Justine Wong-Orantes were named to the team.

June 5th: What Huskers have the best chance of playing right away for 2017?
Sam McKewon mentions Deontre Thomas and Guy Thomas as 2 candidates, both on the defensive line…but who else could be candidates?

Elsewhere In Sports

Because an actor famous for playing a blind guy is perfect for this role. Amirite?

Al Pacino to play Joe Paterno in Penn State scandal movie with HBO |
Al Pacino will play Joe Paterno in an upcoming film with HBO.

No big deal, just Drew Brees making insane trick shots with footballs
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees pulls off some impressive football feats with the dudes from Dude Perfect.

Donnie Corley, Demetric Vance and Josh King charged with sexual assault, dismissed from team - The Only Colors
Yesterday, charges were filed against three unnamed players, today warrants were issued and those players were named — Donnie Corley, Demetric Vance and Josh King.

Head Coach Mark Dantonio issued...

Ole Miss and the NCAA are on a collision course with no compromise in sight -
Mississippi State might have a role to play, too.

Then There’s This

People really will sue over anything won’t they?

Twitter users threaten legal action if Trump doesn’t unblock them | Ars Technica
Mayors can’t eject city hall critics, so Trump can’t block Twitter critics, either.

WoeBot, The Chatbot Therapist, Will See You Now | WIRED
Meet your new therapist: a chatbot that runs inside Facebook Messenger.

The Amazing Dinosaur Found (Accidentally) by Miners in Canada
The 110 million-year-old fossil of a nodosaur preserves the animal’s armor, skin, and what may have been its final meal.