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Big Red Cobcast: The Summer of Truth

Listener questions and truths return. On the table? Husker baseball, how to make baseball more interesting, and how much fun it is talking about baseball when we know Tweedy hates it.

Here’s a fact: we talked about a lot of things on this week’s Cobcast that had nothing to do with baseball (CrossFit, rivalries, the most disappointing Huskers).

Here’s another fact: we also talked about baseball. Things like why Nebraska stinks in the postseason and why we lost to a pair of New England smart schools.

Here’s the most indisputable fact of them all: no one on this planet could realistically hate baseball, or anything else for that matter, as much as Tweedy claims to hate baseball. I love baseball, but I get that it’s not for everyone. That said, Tweedy’s disdain for the sport is starting to feel like a put-on. I secretly long for the day that Darin Erstad shows up at our studios in the middle of recording the Cobcast and I get to witness America’s favorite punter/left-fielder/B1G Coach of the Year kick the holy hell out of Tweedy. I don’t care if Tweedy does CrossFit. Darin Erstad’s Midwestern baseball ruggedness and scrappiness would win the day. And then maybe, just maybe, Tweedy would recognize baseball, and Husker baseball in particular, as a real sport.

Though beating Yale and Holy Cross would probably also help.

But Husker baseball (and Tweedy’s wet dream fantasy for “improving” baseball) is not the only thing on the docket this week. We take some more #HuskerTruths from the fans in Cobcastland. Questions, statements and general emotional truths are all on the table.

So listen to this episode and then join in the fun by sending us your own #HuskerTruth on Twitter and Facebook.

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