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Nebrasketball: Tai Webster’s Summer League Dreams

Tai finds a temporary home, the NCAA might start the season earlier, transfers across sports, and WUBALUBADUBDUB!!!

Nebraska v Indiana Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The 4th of July is just around the corner and there has been “little” news in regard to Nebrasketball but I’ll give you what I have for an update.

Tai Webster to Play on Hornets Summer League Team

Nebraska’s favorite Kiwi will play this summer for the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA’s summer league. This is a great opportunity for a player who wasn’t picked up in this June’s NBA draft.

The league will start on July 1st and will take place in Orlando and then on to Las Vegas. While this opportunity will give Tai the ability to showcase his talents to more NBA teams, he will most likely end up heading overseas like many players do to play ball. Webster is a catch for any team but will probably need more coaching and experience before we will see him in the NBA. Former Husker Shavon Shields was the last Husker to play in the summer league last year before going to Europe to play in Germany.

We wish Tai the best of luck with this new chapter in his life.

Earlier Start to Basketball Season Proposed

Tired of football getting in the way of the start of college basketball every year? Well, if you’re a reader on this site then probably not. In fact, you might not even notice most of the time. Well, it all depends on how the Husker football team is doing. Another loosing skid like last year and you might be thinking of Nebrasketball.

Anyway, to those of you Nebrasketball fans who care, this is for you. To get around this slight overlap problem the NCAA Division 1 Council has proposed starting the season 3 days earlier. The current rules make it to where schools can schedule games as early as the second Friday of November. This change could make the first games start on a Tuesday instead.

This would allow any major tip off games to not have to compete with football in the fall.

There is also a recommendation in the proposal that student athletes in the power conferences have a three day break from actives during the winter break to offset the early start.

Basketball Isn’t the Most Transferred Sport

It’s soccer for men and beach volleyball for women’s sports. Yeah, and I thought basketball was bad too.

That’s it for now. Have a happy and safe 4th everybody and WUBALUBADUBDUB!!!