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Corn Flakes: Your Favorite Husker Football Game Of All Time?

I cheated. I picked a 90s game, but I added some others. What’s your choice?

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Brook Berringer

Bill Connelly released his Nebraska preview yesterday and he also put out an article on the 94 Nebraska team that won Tom Osborne’s first national title as a head coach. Specifically, Bill rehashes what I think is the best game Osborne ever coached in his entire career. It has to be my favorite game of all time when it comes to Nebraska football.

I know that’s cheating. It’s pretty easy to pick something from the 90s and especially easy to pick a national title game. I should disallow myself from doing that, but that game was so beautiful in its outcome that I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t pick it. I mean, there’s a reason why Bill picked the 94 team as one of his “50 Best Of All Time*”. The story lines between Frazier and Berringer were amazing. Then that game comes along.

Miami in the Orange Bowl. Again. Miami with an early lead. Husker fans, myself included, thinking, “Here we go again”, while it was clear after the game was over that Osborne had the entire plan figured out. As Bill points out, Cory Schlesinger and the fullback trap - it’s like a story made up by a fiction writer specifically for Husker fans.

It’s really hard to not go with the games in the 90s for second, third, fourth, etc.

So, what’s your favorite Husker football game of all time? Are you going to be a lazy cheater like me and just go with the easy ones? Or do you have something else in mind?

If I had to pick something from really recent history, it would probably be the Hail Mary win over Northwestern in 2013. I wouldn’t pick that because of the pass play, but because of Ameer Abdullah’s determination on the 4th and 15 play that came before it. Plus I was at that game with my brother Jim, and it was his first game at Memorial Stadium since he ran there at a state high school track meet, probably in 1965.

One other that would make the list is the win over Michigan State, 39 - 38, in 2015. I would pick that game because 2015 was such a gut punch of a season that Nebraska fans really needed something at that time to feel like the bottom wasn’t falling out of the program. That Nebraska team needed that game too.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that a lot of my memories of these games have been blown up and scrambled somewhat.… But that’s how life goes sometimes.

What’s your favorite Husker football game? Of all time.

Game of the Year of the Day, 1994: Nebraska 24, Miami 17 - Football Study Hall

Tom Osborne’s 1994 Nebraska Cornhuskers: one of the 50 best* of all time.

I keep forgetting to review Bill Connelly’s Book about the 50 Best Of All Time. The stack of things I’d like to write about is very long, and unfortunately, like an idiot I keep coming up with more ideas than finishing them.

Selected Nebraska Football Traditions - Off Tackle Empire
Husker fans wanted to be assured that their team was not only dominant on the field, but also pure of sin. Every week the beat writer would ask a defeated opponent about how Husker players comported themselves on the field. The printed responses were almost universally positive. “He knocked me down and then picked me up.” “He congratulated me on almost making a good play.”

Nebraska's All-Time All-Florida Team | Hail Varsity

Nebraska has had a consistent recruiting presence in Florida of late. Since 2005, the Huskers have signed nearly 30 scholarship recruits out of a total of 43 since Tom Osborne’s first year as head coach in 1973. According to available records, 1973 is also the first year a Floridian, Wonder Monds, earned a Husker football letter after transferring from Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Mike Babcock knows more history about Nebraska football than anyone else alive. (Honorable mention to Paul “Jake” Jacobson. Linked is an interview I did with Jake back in 2009. And Joe Hudson of HuskerMax.)

2016 Stadium Ejections, Arrests and Incidents From Big Ten Fanbases | Eleven Warriors

Nebraska's incident count was the highest of all Big Ten schools polled. The majority of them involved — you guessed it — alcohol.


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With Chayce Crouch at quarterback, Garrick McGee will have a lot of options.

Northwestern is closer than you think to a Big Ten West title run -

With just a couple answers, this can be Fitz’s best team yet.

If we were honest with ourselves, Northwestern is probably just as much a rival as Wisconsin or (blasphemy) Iowa. The games against Northwestern have been close in the only game the Huskers have one against the Wildcats in Lincoln was the Hail Mary game.

Take a look at Bill’s preview and leave a comment on our web zone.

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Because they’re Texas. They’re the same assholes as ever. This should shock absolutely no one.

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I think the grad transfer rule should stay intact. It makes things interesting.

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I like this one.