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The Big Red Cobcast: Hasta La Vista, June

p.s. you’re the worst, June.

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June sucks.

June is the furthest away from Husker football we can be. Spring ball was 2 months ago, fall practice is 2 months away. June is a lonely time for me. I mean, sure, yes recruiting is happening and The Friday Night Lights camps are dope and I’m glad that they are a thing now but honest to god, helmet on helmet, lets find out how good this Husker team really is, couldn’t seem any less near to me than it does in June.

Also, June smells. In Nebraska it smells like pig shit and in California it smells like boiling bum piss. Granted, it’s just as hot in August and sometimes even in September but there’s football stuff happening in the eighth and ninth months that isn’t happening in the 6th.

3rd point and admittedly this is a stretch - but clearly if there is such a thing - June would be the devils month. It’s the 6th month, it’s hot, June is bethlehemese for lucifer. All these are facts. Irrefutable, looked up in a book* facts.

So thank God, June is almost over. I’m looking forward to July. July is America’s month. July is Nebraska’s month. July is Mike Riley, the William’s brothers and the rest of the staffs month. So let’s go make some stuff happen fellas.

God speed.

*This is a lie

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