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Nebraska Football Recruiting: Friday Night Lights #2 Open Thread

We’re going to follow the action at Memorial Stadium, come join us!

David McGee

Well, it’s here, the second and final Friday Night Lights camp of the 2016 Summer season for Nebraska Football.

It’s a big weekend for Nebraska recruiting, and now NINE of the Ten verbals that the Huskers have are joining the targets at Memorial Stadium. Mario Goodrich made his way to Memorial Stadium tonight, leaving Cameron Jurgens as the only Nebraska commit currently not there. Since he was at last week’s camp, you shouldn’t sweat anything at all there.

As far as the visitors that aren’t committed are concerned, no real big changes with the list published yesterday.

How many folks are there so far? Well... some.

Cameron Brown is there, and things are starting to seem interesting with him.

Some of the bigger targets made it in earlier today.

I’ll be here, putting interesting things I see in the comments. If you would, comment on those instead of starting new comment threads, therefore the clutter will be less. I think that’s the better option here instead of updating the thread in the body. I can & will do that for breaking stuff, but the regular updates, I’ll put in the comments.

If you’re at FNL, we want to see your photos in the comments as well!