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Corn Flakes: Lincoln Riley’s Contract, NBA Draft

Did you know the NBA Draft is today? And Oklahoma’s new coach Lincoln Riley is getting PAID.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma Spring Game Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft is today. Are you paying attention? Did you even know it is today? Do you care?

Huskers Looking for First Draft Pick of 21st Century - BT Powerhouse

No Nebraska Basketball player has been chosen in the NBA draft since 1999

Because you needed another reminder of how futile Nebrasketball has been for quite a while.

Fiery former Husker offensive lineman Richie Incognito doesn't disguise his past, works to share wisdom | Football |

During an hour with teenagers, Incognito alluded to mistakes, but not the bullying scandal that stained his reputation and nearly ruined his career. He referenced starting his 13th NFL season, but omitted the year he missed when he was blackballed from the league. He emphasized a strong locker-room culture, but excluded his falling-out with Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin.

Nice bit by Chatelain about Richie, whom Nebraska seems to claim more than ever.

Project to shift traffic flow through City Campus | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

A summer construction project will permanently shift traffic patterns and expand bike commute options through the heart of City Campus. The project includes bringing two-way traffic to 16th Street and closing six blocks of 17th Street.

I put this here because you might want to know that they’re changing things and you might run over some students (or parents) if you’re not aware of the change that’s happening.

Demolition prep heats up at Cather, Pound halls | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Built in 1963, Cather Hall, Pound Hall and the Cather-Pound Dining Center will be razed through two methods — first by knocking down and removing the dining center with heavy construction equipment in November, then by imploding the two 13-story residence hall towers into the vacated dining center space.

We should have someone cover the implosion, right?

Morrill Hall to host Asteroid Day event June 29 | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
A special Asteroid Day presentation will take place at 6 p.m. June 29 at the University of Nebraska State Museum at Morrill Hall.

Researcher examines enhancing preschool science instruction | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
A preschooler sends a toy car whizzing across a track and down a ramp. With a teacher’s guidance, this four-year-old can also learn about force and motion: the science behind her play.

Megan Elliott appointed as Johnny Carson Center’s new media arts program founding director | Arts & Entertainment |

Set to open in fall 2019, the Johnny Carson Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will give students the resources to tell stories across new platforms such as virtual production and design, and encourage collaboration with other areas of study, such as biology and engineering, to create new mediums that don’t yet exist.

I am not sure what this actually means... but it sounds interesting.

Has Jim Harbaugh created the ultimate recruiting sales pitch? - Maize n Brew

Jim Harbaugh may have found the ultimate recruiting sales pitch that isn’t going anywhere soon, unless the NCAA steps in again.

Now, if he can actually coach them to a championship.

BREAKING: Oregon quarterback Travis Jonsen to transfer | CSN NW

Oregon quarterback Travis Jonsen has decided to transfer, according to a program source, leaving the Ducks with just one veteran quarterback on the roster.

This isn’t really BREAKING anymore, a designation which I hate. It’s kind of like EXCLUSIVE. Most things aren’t really BREAKING or EXCLUSIVE, but it makes it seem more important, doesn’t it?

Anyway... I keep looking at pre-season predictions and wondering why most people are giving Oregon the benefit of the doubt. They were terrible last season. They have a first-year coach, and now they’re down quarterbacks. Yet... THEY’RE OREGON! They’re going to bounce back just like that!

And Then...

Oklahoma Sooners Football - Report: Lincoln Riley agrees to five-year deal - Crimson And Cream Machine
According to reports, Lincoln Riley’s salary averages out to $3.5 million per year.

Oklahoma's contract terms for Lincoln Riley turning heads | NCAA Football | Sporting News

And the contract is fully guaranteed, according to Fox Sports, which also reports that is believed to be the biggest fully guaranteed contract ever given to a first-time college football coach.

So, $3.5M average per year over five years guaranteed, so basically around $17.5M over five years for a first-time head coach.

I’d like to see comments about what your first impression is as you read the line above.

My first impression was that, “it’s really not that much money”. What that really says is that there is so much money flowing into college football that giving an unproven guy a massive salary doesn’t really even turn heads anymore. $17.5M doesn’t seem like it would hamstring Oklahoma if the Lincoln Riley hire doesn’t work out. This doesn’t seem to be a Charlie Weis situation, where Oklahoma would be paying forever if Riley fails after a year or two.

By comparison, Lincoln Riley will make more as a first-time head coach than Nebraska’s Mike Riley. Our Riley gets “only” $2.8M per year. Completely unproven Jim Harbaugh is the top gold getter at just over $9M per year, which is a ridiculous sum of money to pay a college coach.

Perhaps Lincoln Riley seemed like a deal to Oklahoma as Bob Stoops was getting $5.5M per year. They have replaced a coach and from a balance sheet perspective look like they’re saving themselves over $2M a year.

One can’t help but wonder if this gravy train will come to an end. Financial markets always correct themselves, but college athletics seems to keep keeping on. One wonders what will happen to these universities who extend their liabilities when the next round of TV contracts becomes available. Will they continue to make the same amount of money or will the bubble burst and leave them with no way to pay their liabilities?

What will happen then?