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Flakes: Finish What You Start

Can Tai Webster get drafted? Four Huskers make Athlon’s top 50 of all time list, and it’s hot out there.

Tai Webster Defense

It is hot today here on the ranch, not as hot as Phoenix and their grounded planes, but still hot.

I am working on rearranging the deck. No, not the furniture. The deck.

When we built the house, I put the stairs in the wrong spot. I thought it was the right spot at the time, but it wasn’t. So, I moved them, along with the cement pad at the bottom of the stairs (I had help for that part). There were originally three steps, but now there are two.

Give me a circular saw and I will conquer the world.

Of course, once the stairs were moved, the railing at the new entrance had to be removed. I also had to put a new railing in the spot where the stairs used to be. Now, I’m working on some built-in benches and a table.

The rearranged deck is one more thing that will be added to my growing list of half-done projects. I’m terrible at finishing what I start. The next project pops into my mind and I can’t resist running off to get that one started (and never finished).

How about all of you? Are you better than me at finishing what you start? If you are, maybe you can visit and tell me your secret, while having a beer, on the deck. Or maybe we can trade comments here on CN instead. Just remember that am likely to get distracted by the next shiny thi.....

Corn Flakes

Four Huskers made their list. Can you guess which ones are on here? (Hint: Only one of Nebraska’s Heisman winners is among them.)

Top 50 College Football Players of the Athlon Era
Selecting the top college football players since 1967.

Know Your Enemy, Spring Edition: Nebraska Cornhuskers - Black Heart Gold Pants
Big changes on both sides of the ball make the Huskers a bit of a wild card this season.

McVeigh Selected to Australia World University Games Team | KTIC Radio
Nebraska junior forward Jack McVeigh will join an exclusive list of Husker basketball players, as he was selected on Tuesday to represent his country in the 2017 World University Games later this summer.

Former Huskers Bolt, Seely offer CWS experience to Aggies | Baseball | OMAHA — Former Nebraska baseball players Justin Seely and Will Bolt are no strangers to Omaha.

Elliott Moving to Analyst; Booker Named Assistant - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Nebraska Head Football Coach Mike Riley announced today a change to the Husker coaching staff. Due to personal reasons that recently arose, Assistant Coach Bob Elliott will not be available to work on

We have reached the part of the offseason where articles about things we know won’t happen get written anyway.

Making the case for drafting Tai Webster
Four years after he crossed the Pacific Ocean to exceed a country’s eye-watering expectations, Tai Webster will watch this week’s NBA draft.

Elsewhere In Sports

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Then There’s This

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Blackouts in Ukraine were just a trial run. Russian hackers are learning to sabotage infrastructure---and the US could be next.

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