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Big Red Cobcast: Read This It’s Important

We have a way to fix a problem in recruiting. Listen to find out what it is

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Pat’s in England. So I’m writing the articles again for awhile. I’m sure you are very excited about that. I would be, I love the stuff that I think.

This has been a very good week for Husker football. Right? I mean we got Joshua Moore, who is probably the highest rated recruit since Marlon Lucky, which is pretty impressive. I’m not sure if that’s true and I’m not gonna look it up. I mean Suh was only a 3 star and Abdullah was a 2 star. Also, not sure about those AND also not gonna look them up either.

We have the number 5 and number 6 recruiters according to 247. The Law Firm has really come through. If this was a 7 on 7 league we’d be unstoppable with all these receivers, D Backs and QB’s. They are making it look easy. They are champions. THEY get coffee - as much as they want.

Now Regggggiieee Daaaaavvvvisssss on the other hand - he’s suspect. I mean he has a coach’s name and he is cool looking but when it comes to bringing in the 15 running backs that the Williams bros would have by now - he’s failing. I do have a solution. Because that’s why I do. I solute. We dress up Keith Williams in a Reggie Davis mask and have him go talk to TJ Pledger. Stoops is leaving, let's get us a RB from an old school rival.

Hell, Williams could get Barry Switzer’s grandson to play for the Huskers. But I digress.

We are ranked 10th in national recruiting and 3rd in the Big 10. That’s very promising. That last time we were in the top 10 in recruiting was when Callahan was coaching.

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