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Corn Flakes: NCAA Baseball Tourney, Silent Films

Today Nebraska starts its march toward Omaha, and a short bit about silent films and George Melies.

David McGee

A somewhat abbreviated Flakes today.

There are few things worse than a head cold in summer, yet here I am, my head feeling like a rugby football. The nasty thing about this is that I cannot take regular cold medicine like the rest of you because of the other drugs I take for my heart. If I could just load up on decongestants I’d be fine, but no.

The NCAA baseball term and starts today and Nebraska starts in the regional against the number one seeded team in the nation, Oregon State. It’d be really really nice if we could pull the upset. I don’t expect it, but I have my hopes up.

Games involving Big Ten teams are listed below:

Chapel Hill regional

Game 1: No. 2 FGCU vs. No. 3 Michigan, 1 p.m., WatchESPN

Corvallis regional

Game 1: No. 2 Nebraska vs. No. 3 Yale, 4 p.m., WatchESPN

Houston regional

Game 2: No. 1 Houston vs. No. 4 Iowa, 8 p.m., ESPNU and WatchESPN

Lexington regional

Game 2: No. 2 Indiana vs, No. 3 N.C. State, 7 p.m., WatchESPN

Winston-Salem regional

Game 1: No. 2 West Virginia vs. No. 3 Maryland, 2 p.m., WatchESPN

NCAA baseball tournament 2017: Bracket, schedule, scores, and format -
The field of 64 will be cut to 16 teams come Monday.

FBI investigating possible fraud in University of Minnesota ticket office | Star Tribune

The FBI is conducting an investigation into possible fraud in the Gophers ticket department, a person with knowledge of the situation told the Star Tribune Thursday.

This had to happen because it’s been at least two weeks or so since the U of MN had some kind of scandal going on in the athletic department.

EXCLUSIVE: Desmond King and His Mom are writing a series of children’s books - Black Heart Gold Pants
Yvette Powell, King’s mother, spoke with BHGP about the project.

Minnesota Football: Uniform Oddity #TBT - The Daily Gopher

This one is for the TBT fans.

I would like to find someone who would go through Nebraska’s historical documents looking for stuff like this, but I’m guessing ours has already been hit several times with a fine-toothed comb.

Which college football coaches consistently produce overachievers or underachievers? - Football Study Hall

Using statistics to determine college football’s biggest coaching overachievers and underachievers.

Mike Riley is in here. So is Frank Solich.

Terrance Landers Transfers from Purdue Football - Hammer and Rails
Purdue loses one of its better returning receivers.

Indiana Football? I barely know her! - Off Tackle Empire

IU Football is a joke. Literally.

This is so stupid it’s hilarious.

Then There’s This

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see film for the first time? I don’t mean today’s films, obviously, but to be amongst the first of humans to see moving pictures.

It must’ve been astonishing.

Despite their lack of computer-generated graphics, special effects that we take for granted today, and even sound, some of the early filmmakers produced astonishing movies.

If you’ve never heard of a man named George Melies and you enjoy movies, you might enjoy reading about him. He came up with the most astonishing ideas and had the imagination and the wherewithal to make them happen in film. The movie, “Hugo”, is about him. It is available on Netflix right now. If you have some spare time this weekend I’d recommend it. Ben Kingsley is always exceptional.