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Nebraska & Hawkins WR Commit Eric Fuller Officially Part Ways

There had been talk of the WR not being in the fold any more in the ‘18 cycle.

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Per several reports, it sounds like the Nebraska coaching staff and WR Eric Fuller have moved on from each other. It had been known for a while, but Greg Biggins of Scout had the official word earlier this afternoon.

That leaves the Huskers where they started yesterday before the verbal of Joshua Moore, at 10 verbals.

I had mentioned before that Fuller & Nebraska were not going to be together for much longer, and this just solidifies it. I would not expect that Fuller gets signed with any other FBS team as it stands right now due to personal issues.

Fuller goes to Hawkins HS in Los Angeles, so it’s not a matter of relationship with the school. It’s the same school that Joseph Lewis went to, and the Huskers did have a good relationship with the school. I say did because Hawkins HC Mil’von James and his brother Malik, who came to Lincoln with Lewis in August, is no longer a coach at the HS.