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Many Prospects Shined In Nebraska’s First Friday Night Lights Camp

Some folks shined even though the clouds kept everyone inside.

Council Bluffs QB Max Duggan
Student Sports

Even though the weather didn’t help out much on Friday night, the Nebraska coaching staff got a good look at some kids in their first Friday Night Lights camp of the 2017 offseason.

- The main focus of attention was Scottsbluff’s Garrett Nelson, a 2019 defensive end who also sported offers from both South Dakota and South Dakota State by the end of the day.

It sounds like the Nebraska staff was really impressed with Nelson’s motor and size, and you can see why in his sophomore Hudl above. Being that Nelson is already in a 3-4 defense only helped his cause.

- If you’re wondering what the quarterback thoughts were, the staff kept a big tab on Council Bluffs QB Max Duggan throughout the evening.

Duggan isn’t picking a school anytime soon, so the Huskers can seemingly get on their horse and get to recruiting him hard. One would think proximity to home and the talent Nebraska has gotten into the program would help with Duggan. This article by the OWH dictates that the full court press was put on with not only current QB’s with Duggan, but a lot of personnel staff.

This could be an interesting fight with Iowa for a quarterback.

- One name that was really good to see on campus is Nebraska ‘18 defensive end target Daniel Carson out of the Kansas City area.

The Huskers are in a battle with both Ohio State and Oklahoma for the SDE. Even though Carson didn’t participate in any drills, the fact that he was there and chatting up both players and staff would think Nebraska is a serious contender for his services.

- With the firepower that next week holds, this was a good weekend for local kids to get in front of the staff and show their skills. Mike Sautter of the OWH spotted all these locals in his writeup last night.

I would venture to say that the most interesting name out of that listing is Garrett Snodgrass, who could really develop into a player the Huskers would love to have. It depends on obviously how Snodgrass develops and what offers play out, but the pride of York, Nebraska would love to be on the field for the Huskers.