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Nebraska Football Recruiting: Friday Night Lights #1 Cancelled Due To Weather

A loud clap of thunder was all it took to call quits on the first of two FNL Camps.

The screen that was set up at the 50 yard line displays a PSA.
Zachary Grunder

Jon said I need to introduce myself as I am a new writer here at our beloved CornNation. Yes I am one of the people who responded to the “Help Wanted” sign, but joke is on you all since I am not even good at writing. I am 22 and currently a student at UNL, and have been in the stadium for almost every home game the better part of seven years. I will be doing some things here and there with my main focus on writing from the perspective of the student body and student section. You’ll see what I mean in the next coming weeks. Feel free to tell me to get off your lawn anytime you want.

The day started out hot and sunny as the fans came and participated in the Fan Fest set up just outside of the Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium. They had a classic grill out going along with vendors such as Valentino’s and Chick Fil A a handing out food as you walked up to them. Interesting to note that Chick Fil A a was placed right besides Valentino’s (Future chicken of the Huskers?). The turn out was OK with what it looked like a couple hundred people showing up.

Fan Fest participants just outside of South Memorial Stadium.
Zachary Grunder

Having the first FNL be cancelled wasn’t devastating for recruiting for the Huskers. Most of the big name guys were already signed up for the second one happening this Friday. I suspect coaches also knew that this might happen so they encouraged highly sought after recruits to attend the second one. The people most affected by this is the local kids who wanted this to be their shot to show off to the coaches. Luckily there will always be more opportunities, but it still sucks to have all parties put a lot of time and energy into something to not even get to compete.

Cameron Jurgens made an appearance, but it looked like he wasn’t participating in the camp. Garrett Nelson was also there to workout. He very much looks the part and has a perfect frame to be a linebacker here. Currently he does not have an offer, but I would suspect that to change soon. (Edit: he got one - BT)

The coaches got through all of the 40 yard dash timing drills and that was about it as a loud clap of thunder immediately caused the music to stop and the projector screen set up at the 50 yard line to display a cancelled notification. The camp ended right as the official start time of 7:00 pm rolled around.

This camp will end up being more of a meet and greet than a football camp, but like I said that is probably OK. Next week will be huge for the Huskers and we should all cross our fingers that everything goes according to plan.