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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: Nebraska’s First Friday Night Lights & Joshua Moore’s Decision Comes Soon

The first of two big weekends approaches as the Huskers roll out the red carpet.

Joshua Moore
Student Sports

- The first Friday Night Lights camp of the 2017 summer is coming this weekend at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. While this weekend won’t have the name firepower that next weekend will have, there are a few kids who Nebraska will be hosting.

Word on the street is that even though he won’t be there on Friday due to his basketball commitments, Cameron Jurgens is expected to make it to Lincoln sometime this weekend, probably on Saturday to finish out the first Big Red Weekend of the season.

There will be more names, but the ones that you should be paying attention to are as follows:

QB Max Duggan: Since Nebraska’s struck out on some of their other quarterback targets for ‘19, Duggan has become the next big target of Danny Langsdorf. The Council Bluffs pro-style QB is a four-star on 247’s ranking system, but does not have a composite quite yet.

It does sound like Duggan is already on campus. As you would expect, the staff in Lincoln would like to tell the world this.

OL Trey Stratford: The Allen, Texas lineman has been visited a few times by Mike Cavanaugh, and will be heading to town to check things out. There is no real favorite in his recruiting right now, but a few folks have CB’ed him to Nebraska. Oklahoma folks think there’s something there, so if Nebraska has a school to outrecruit, it’s the Sooners in this aspect.

I don’t really expect more big names coming this weekend, but if that changes I’ll let you all know. Next weekend is setting up to be bigger, as a majority of Nebraska commits and big-time targets will come to Lincoln.

Speaking of this weekend, are we going to get a post-camp concert again this year?

- There was a ton of chatter yesterday about Joshua Moore and his commitment video “leaking”. Even after all the chattering, there was a fairly large shift to Nebraska on the Crystal Ball meter for Sunday’s decision. Far as I know, Moore is still heading to Lincoln next weekend with parent or parents for FNL, so I would think that it’s awkward as all hell for Moore to not pick Nebraska and still show up.

I’m still on my CB pick to Nebraska, and the Huskers should get a big time receiver in the fold. That being said, it’s not over and Nebraska will have to work hard to make sure Moore signs on December 20th, the first Signing Day available.

- With the Moore signing, it sounds like a couple of targets are going off Nebraska’s board. Tall Brooklyn WR Sean Ryan is starting to trend to Pittsburgh, while it seems like California WR Nikko Remigio will likely stay in-state and commit to Cal soon.

I wouldn’t look at it that Nebraska is not losing kids cause of Moore, rather there are other targets that Nebraska would not like to string on, such as Ryan & Remigio. They can move on with their recruitment. Meanwhile, Nebraska is still working on Cameron Brown even after the decommit, along with guys like Nikko Hall & Kamryn Babb. So, it’s not like Nebraska is losing out, but letting others keep on with their process.

- For those that dislike WR talk, CB Houston Griffith put the Huskers in his top 7...

Don’t buy the CB’s on this one, Nebraska is in a better position than you may think here. Griffith just visited Ohio State this week, and he has visited every school in his Top 7 except for Texas.

- If you’re not feeling old yet, you will now. Nebraska just gave their first offer for the Class of 2021.