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Nebrasketball: Michael Lewis Staying With The Huskers

Your weekly news hit as we get through the off-season

Nebraska v Indiana

We like and crave familiarity. It’s nice to have our affairs in order on a regular basis. Having things nice and tidy allows us to pursue and accomplish what matters to us the most. It keeps us from wasting our time when there are more important matters at hand.

Tim Miles now has one less thing to worry about. Michael Lewis is staying with the Huskers. He will not be the head coach of the Butler Bulldogs.

The Nebraska men’s basketball team has had a handful of assistant coaches come and go over the years. It has been a bit of a problem with Tim as it was with Doc Sadler and Barry Collier before him. For a moment, it looked like Miles was going to have to go looking for another assistant this summer. Having to spend valuable time interviewing while he could be recruiting.

Assistant Michael Lewis was on the list as a possible replacement for head coach Chris Holtmann who left the Bulldogs for Big Ten Rival Ohio State. While he did interview for the position it was given to University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee head coach LaVall Jordan. LaVall played at Butler in college and should be a good fit for the Bulldogs.

Coach Lewis, it’s good to have you in Lincoln for another year.

Other NCAA Basketball News

NCAA Rules Changes for 2017-18 Season

One interesting change for the upcoming season is the expansion of the coaches box. It will be extended from the current 28 feet to 38 feet in the 2017-18 season. The extra 10 feet will “hopefully” open up communication between the coaches an players on the court. Or, it just gives the coaches more room to be dramatic when play doesn’t go their way. I’ll let you folks decide.

Other changes of note:

  • Shot Clock Reset - The reset of the shot clock will be 20 seconds when the ball is inbounded in the front court after a foul by the defense. If more than 20 seconds remains on the shot clock, the shot clock will not be reset.
  • The location of all throw-ins in the frontcourt will be determined by an imaginary line drawn from the corner of the court to the intersection of the lane line and the free-throw line. If the stoppage of play is inside this area, the throw-in will occur on the end line 3 feet outside the lane line.
  • If the stoppage occurs outside this area, the throw-in will be at the nearer sideline at the 28-foot mark. Deflections will continue to be put back in play at the nearest out-of-bounds spot. Throw-ins in the back court will continue to be at the nearest spot.

There are more minor changes in the article above. Please feel free to read as there will be a quiz before the beginning of the season.

Nothing good ever comes from hookers. Just ask Cobby.

Rick Pitino will be suspended for 5 ACC conference games this upcoming season for infractions inflicted by the program. Among the rules they were found to violate was paying prostitutes for sex as a recruiting tool. Yep, this is a practice used to get players to your school. Think about that before you send out your next donation to the Athletic Department.

While Pitino didn’t personally pay the prostitutes for their services, the NCAA found him at fault for not properly monitoring basketball staffer Andre McGee.

  • GBR!