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Corn Flakes: University Thursday!

All sorts of academics here. Not much sports.

N Technology Development

Nearly no sports news of any real value so I’m compiled a list of all the University of Nebraska news and it presented for you here on University Thursday!

Nebraska post-graduate program helps student-athletes after the cheers end

The Nebraska athletic department provides post-graduates opportunities for student-athletes through the Post-Eligibility Opportunities program.

This is pretty cool. It’d be nice if it were more widely recognized, but maybe most recruits want their MONEY UP FRONT.

Chancellor Green to be awarded national association's highest honor | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Five Nebraska faculty and administrators — including Chancellor Ronnie Green — have earned awards from the American Society of Animal Science. The awards will be presented July 9 in Baltimore.

Student-led effort funds, establishes green roof | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
A student-powered fund created to expand sustainability programming at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has set down its first roots.

Nebraska Extension helps educators plan for eclipse | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
The training provides participants with resources and lesson plans that they can use in their classroom, after-school setting or organization.

Veterinary Diagnostic Center grand opening celebration is June 9 | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The new Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center will provide improved laboratory services for veterinarians and Nebraska livestock owners, and enhance the learning experiences of students in the Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine.

Kind of a big deal. If you’ve got 5,000 cattle or hogs in a small area and one of them drops dead, you need to know why as quickly as possible.

Electric avenue: New approach could transform semiconductor tech | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

A team of physicists has demonstrated a reversible method for altering the electronic properties of a nanoscopic material, pointing the way toward merging several hallmark functions of modern electronics into a single component.

This sounds absolutely fascinating.

It sounds like something - the ability to change a circuit component based on current -that could lead to disruption in the process of chip design, one of those things that ultimately leads to older engineers saying to themselves, “Yeah, I can’t think that way” and then retiring.

Or maybe it will lead to better robots, especially those than can do colonoscopies. That’s what the world needs...

The four paths to heroism | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

New research by political scientist Ari Kohen is examining why ordinary people step up to become heroes in the face of terrorism, disaster or tragedy. The work theorizes heroic attributes are learned, meaning a culture of heroism can be built.

Also rather fascinating. EMPHASIS MINE.

Maybe, just maybe, if you combine this concept of building a culture of heroism with a culture of not encouraging assholism that the country will be a much better place. Seems to me we don’t really encourage heroes. We encourage people like Skip Bayless (who is, let’s face it, harmless) to be the biggest loudmouthiest asshole they can be, and then pay them a lot of money for it. We encourage them by granting them a stage. The easiest way to not encourage them is to not watch, nor listen.

How do we build a culture of heroism? Go read that article.

Nebraska hosts math leaders to spur women earning doctorates | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

A mathematician might express the situation like this: 0.25 XY(PhD) = XX(PhD). In linguistic terms: American women earn four times fewer doctorates in math than do men.

I heard that once upon a time Barbie said, “Math is hard”.

Read on:

“Nebraska’s mathematics department has a strong national reputation for being a department in which women can, and do, succeed,” Walker said. “It is not uncommon for me to hear things like, ‘Unfortunately, not every math department is like Nebraska’s,’ when people are talking about support for women in math.

Once again, the combination of “Nebraska” and “women” kicks ass.

We should attract more smart women to Nebraska, so that when they finally take over the world in a reverse “Handmaid’s Tale” manner, Nebraska can lead the way.

Forecast shows weak farm income to limit economic growth | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
“Farm incomes have been driven down over the last four years and are expected to bottom out in 2017,” said Eric Thompson, director of the Bureau of Business Research, an applied economic and business research entity of the College of Business. “Weakness in its largest sector will cap growth in the Nebraska economy, despite strong performances in select sectors like construction and business services.”

CU Board of regents hands down punishment to athletic staff in Tumpkin investigation - The Ralphie Report

Chancellor Phil Distefano received a 10-day suspension and, along with athletic director Rick George and coach Mike MacIntyre, was told to donate $100,000 towards community and campus domestic violence awareness efforts.

Given that MacIntyre is about to receive a $16.25M contract, can this really be called "punishment"?

Recapping Colorado's review of Mike MacIntyre's handling of domestic violence notice - FootballScoop
The situation involving Mike MacIntyre, domestic violence committed by a former Colorado assistant and the school’s handling of the allegations therein is a messy, complicated tale with far-reaching implications for everyone involved — and the coaching profession as a whole.

Then There’s This:

Marijuana use among college students on rise following Oregon legalization, study finds -- ScienceDaily

College students attending an Oregon university are using more marijuana now that the drug is legal for recreational use, but the increase is largely among students who also report recent heavy use of alcohol, a new study has found.

So... basically if you’re a student at Oregon State, and you’re gonna get wasted, you’re gonna get really wasted.

That wasn’t what really caught me, though. This was:

The researchers also found that Oregon students under age 21 -- the minimum legal age for purchasing and using marijuana -- showed higher rates of marijuana use than those over 21.

"This was a big surprise to us, because legalization of use is actually having an impact on illegal use," said Bae, the study's primary statistician.

So marijuana is more available because it’s legal, and you’re shocked this leads to more illegal use? Is this man a fool, or am I reading that wrong?