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Big Red Cobcast: Free Keyshawn Johnson Jr.

Keyshawn Johnson Jr. got into some legal trouble. We had some takes. Everyone else had responses.

Keyshawn/Wideouts David McGee

I have a confession. I’m a square. I’m such a square my corners could injure a person. The rest of the Cobcast crew is far less square. They’re still giants nerds, but they smoke more weed than I do. And by that, I mean they smoke weed. I’m a nerd. I generally don’t do...things.

Keyshawn Johnson Jr. is much cooler than all of us. Even cooler than Mike Canale. And he’s also a kid. A kid from California where weed has basically been legal for 20 years. And he got himself into a situation last week. A situation that is rife with sociological issues.

(I promise the rest of these paragraphs will have complete sentences.)

We raised some of these issues, both on this week’s Cobcast and on our Twitter feed. Not everyone agreed with us. Some people even said they hated us. They hated the squares (me), the slightly less nerdy people (everyone else) and everything we all stand for. All because we stood up for Keyshawn.

Thus is the life of being world famous podcasters. We’re Teflon. And ultimately, I’m sure an 18-year-old with the level of fame, success and lineage of Keyshawn Johnson Jr. is probably bulletproof, as well. That still doesn’t stop me from questioning those Husker fans who aim to obliterate their own via social media.

So you don’t want to smoke weed? Don’t smoke weed. You think everyone should stand for the national anthem? Stand for the anthem. You think a guy should make every tackle and never drop a pass? COMPLAIN ABOUT IT TO YOUR PRIEST AND NEVER BRING IT UP ON TWITTER, YOU GIANT PIECE OF EXCREMENT!

But do listen to the latest Big Red Cobcast, please.

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