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Create a Caption: Waving the Flag of Surrender

The caption contest is retiring. Who were the winners of the final edition?

Flag in cornfield

Last week’s contest was pretty light in terms of votes. Since no one went “green”, I took it as a sign that the contest has run its course and it is time to retire. There were two top vote-getters. See below for the first “Steve’s Mom” joke that made it to the winner’s circle.

Gallery Photo: Nebraska vs. Northwestern Gallery

We had a tie! Brutus1382 took some time off from mimicking umpires to give us:

Steve's mom taught me how to cradle balls,

you Wildcats never stood a chance.

Sandman brought up an inside joke (for Husker fans) with:

This ball belongs to my roommate

Let go dammit!!!

Congratulations to both of you! You are entered in our drawing for a copy of Through These Gates. I also managed to round up a Husker ball cap and coozy (Sorry no picture yet). I’ll see what else is lurking in the dusty corners of the CN office and get the drawing done sometime this week. Everyone that was the top in terms of “recs” each week (a few weeks there were ties so both were entered) has their name on a very official piece of paper dropped in the Husker ball cap. When Cobby gets out on work release...nevermind, I’ll do it myself. A few lucky souls won more than once and they have more chances to win.

Look for the post announcing winners next Tuesday.