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Corn Flakes: Graduation! And News!

The last one is done. And there is news.

I keep forgetting these on Mondays....

The rotten kid graduated Friday night. 330 kids, around there, in his class?

It was nice. That’s it, now, we’re done, as parents. Mrs. CN and I should be free to do such things as go to Ireland, or Thailand, or some such places (Angkor Wat!), but we’ll see what happens.

How the new ‘Madden’ can use college teams without getting sued -

EA’s back in business with at least a couple schools.

Haven’t played a football video game since.... well, years. I wish they’d bring it back, but I’m not buying Madden.

Steven M. Sipple: Culture issues in Riley's program? Check back in November | Column |
Johnson Jr.'s citation occurred two weeks after news broke that Nebraska standout junior receiver Stanley Morgan Jr. and junior safety Antonio Reed were arrested in Port Orange, Florida, for misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Nebraska recruiting notebook: The impact of fans at the Friday Night Lights camps
The biggest recruiting boost Nebraska could benefit from over the next few weeks are fans at Memorial Stadium for the Friday Night Lights camps.

Christian Hackenberg has hit reporters with passes 2 times in 3 Jets OTAs -

The Jets’ quarterback competition may be the saddest storyline of the preseason.

This sounds bad.

Mark Richt fires at Clemson for having a playground slide in football facility -
Yes, let’s fight over slides!

Hawaii offered a scholarship to a 5th grader, and this has to be a record -
Gotta jump on ’em early these days.

Ole Miss’ Response to the NCAA Sets Up a Battle with the Committee on Infractions - Team Speed Kills
With the process coming to a close, what questions are left unanswered about where the case could be heading and the affect on future NCAA cases

Oh hell yeah, the Ole Miss NCAA scandal now involves a state rivalry lawsuit -
A store in Oxford is suing Mississippi State players over claims made to the NCAA.