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WR Cameron Brown Decommits From Nebraska Football

After camping in Columbus and getting an offer, the StL wideout opens things back up.

Nebraska v Wisconsin Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

It was probably the writing on the wall for wideout Cameron Brown that he decided not to camp with Nebraska’s coaches in Lindenwood this weekend, instead taking a trip to Columbus to camp with Ohio State.

The aftereffects of it just came down on Brown’s Twitter just now.

Cameron takes his name off of Nebraska’s list of commits, opening everything back up. Since he committed to Nebraska, Brown has seen his recruiting stock rise to a consensus four-star player with several services. In that time also, he’s sported not only a Buckeyes offer, but also an Alabama one.

To make a long story short, it sounds like Nebraska got in early, but once Brown committed, it became a placeholder for better things for him.

For those that think Nebraska has simply too many WR’s, you’re probably not too upset! But Nebraska losing Brown and basically not having Eric Fuller means that there’s a wide open cupboard.

We wish Cameron the best of luck, and you should do the same.