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Corn Flakes: University Budget Cuts, Baseball Odds, and War Machine

We’re in June, so Flakes will be touching on just about anything.


Good morning! It's June!

We're into the deepest, darkest part of the football off-season.

Yesterday Jill touched on the fact that the sellout streak won't end this season. In the past few years, the drama of the sellout streak coming to an end has allowed Nebraska's media to fuel discussion, to consume web hits, and some might say to sew dissent.

What that no longer in play this June, what will everyone use for drama? It's not just the websites use the kind of stuff for discussion, but what will all those old men do down at the coffee shops and small towns across Nebraska?

Budget proposal protects affordability, quality | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Reductions approved by the Legislature and additional cuts from Gov. Pete Ricketts, coupled with the university system's unavoidable rising costs, will create a recurring budget gap of $49 million by the end of the biennium.

I don't know if you're aware of it, but the University of Nebraska is going through some budget-cutting. The article linked below contains their plan for how they're going to handle making up for a budget shortfall. One of the ways in which they're going to do that is by raising tuition. It doesn't appear to be a huge raise, and I don't disagree with the statement that Nebraska is much more affordable a place to go to college than most of its peers.

Why I am a fan of Nebraska - Corn Nation

However, I have decided to write why my nine year old son is a Nebraska fan because I believe that would be a more interesting read. You see, he was born in Kansas a little over a month after Pelini replaced Callahan...that little guy was a light after a dark season.

Remember the “Why I’m A Fan” bit? Did you guys read this one? Pretty cute.

NCAA Baseball - Odds to Win

Courtesy of Bovada

  • Oregon State 4/1
  • North Carolina 5/1
  • Florida 15/2
  • Louisville 15/2
  • LSU 15/2
  • Stanford 10/1
  • Texas Tech 10/1
  • Kentucky 12/1
  • TCU 12/1
  • Arkansas 16/1
  • Florida State 16/1
  • Long Beach 22/1
  • Southern Miss 22/1
  • Wake Forest 25/1
  • Clemson 33/1
  • Houston 40/1

Note that! Nebraska gets the toughest team in the nation in their regional?

It will be interesting to see how well the Big Ten does in postseason play. I am hoping the Nebraska baseball team can make some noise, if for no other reason than to take away from how boring sports-wise June can be.

If Vegas is right about these 8 college football teams, will they fire their coaches? -

Now that we know Vegas expectations, let’s discuss who’ll have to overachieve.

I’m not sure how much I’d trust Vegas in anything. I don’t gamble on anything in which I don’t have an influence on the outcome, and most of the time I’m lost when they spit out this gambling crap because I don’t know what they’re talking about.

Adam Carriker has a baby girl!

There just aren’t enough charter planes to go around in college football -
Even the most potent aerial attacks can’t solve this problem.

Alabama football: Nick Saban's model coming under NCAA attack |
Nick Saban didn’t bring a soapbox issue with him to the SEC’s spring meeting, but the Alabama coach remained keenly aware that his way of doing business is about to come under attack by those who believe if they keep changing the rules on him, maybe he’ll stop winning so many games.

Lee Corso’s ESPN contract extension is worth celebrating - The Daily Gopher
The day Lee is no longer on GameDay will be a sad day indeed, but it is one we don’t have to contemplate for a while.

Purdue Finally Joins the Big Ten in Football - Hammer and Rails
Mike Bobinski has done wonders in his first nine months as Purdue athletic director

Then There’s This:

Netflix hasn’t had ‘significant misses’ with original series, but pushing riskier moves - Polygon

Hastings said it’s always been Netflix’s goal to make movies that everyone wants to watch. During Netflix’s last quarterly report, the company announced that its batch of Adam Sandler movies — including The Do-Over and The Ridiculous 6 — were some of the most popular movies on the streaming service, with viewers watching more than 500 million hours of his films. Whether or not that’s accurate can’t be confirmed because, again, Netflix doesn’t release official numbers.

What the hell? Adam Sandler?

I watched Netflix’ newest original movie, “War Machine”, this memorial day weekend. It was okay. I give it a 3/5. The biggest problem I had was in trying to figure out what they were trying to tell me. Was it satire? Was it an antiwar film? It seemed to meander back and forth. Sometimes you can just watch a movie and not worry about the message that the filmmakers trying to send, but in this case you got the idea they were trying to make a statement but you did not know what that statement was.

Brad Pitt did an interesting job, but you weren’t sure, again, whether he was turning his character into a caricature, whether it was a serious portrayal or what the hell was going on. The author’s soliloquy at the end of the movie tried to be dramatic, but instead ended up trying to make another joke.

Make up your mind. Did you want to be serious? Did you want to make a comedy? WTF ARE YOU DOING?

Now that I’ve run all this through my head... I’ll revise that rating and go with 2/5.