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Big Red Cobcast: Kicker? I Hardly Know Her!

Ryan and Pat get stoked about the one truly exciting thing from last week. WE GOT A KICKER!

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Drew Brown. Kris Brown. Brett Maher. Alex Henery. David Dyches. Sandro DeAngelis.

Just some of the great kickers in Nebraska football history. Okay, I get it. Those last couple names are a bit of a stretch, but I really didn’t want to include Josh Brown on the list.

Well, the Huskers got another one, bay-bay! Barret Pickering is ready to join the Jordan Congdon’s of the world (sorry, still can’t bring myself to celebrate Josh Brown). Last-minute game-winners? Banking on it. Field goals that come off his foot so hard that they break the teeth of an Iowa Hawkeye defender (and then exit the back of said defender’s skull carrying the remnants of his tiny brain across the goalpost)? You bet your sweet Husker ass. The next Lou Groza? You betcha. And I don’t mean Barret Pickering is the next Lou Groza Award winner. I’m expecting him to be so good that they eventually re-name the award after him. In ten years, Rece Davis will be handing some kid from San Jose State the Barret Pickering Trophy, which will be in the shape of a football carrying the severed head of an Iowa Hawkeye. Those are the expectations when Nebraska signs a kicker.

Unreasonable? I say not reasonable enough!

Also, it’s the beginning of May, so yeah, the Huskers getting a commitment from a kicker had to be one of our major topics this week.

But we also got to a whole host of other things, like that dickweed Brian Ferentz talking crap about Husker football recruiting. I’m sure you already know the gist of what we’re going to say, but it’s always more fun to hear exactly how we tell the Ferentz family to go eff themselves.

So tune in and hear all of the salty details. And then give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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