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Big Red Cobcast: Trolling the Trolls

When your Husker week goes awry, one thing remains: killing Iowa’s buzz.

Miami Ohio v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

It’s been that kind of week, guys. Stanley Morgan Jr. and Antonio Reed got arrested for weed AND the Huskers went 1-2 in the Big Ten Baseball Tournament. So we did the one thing that makes any Husker smile. We trolled the hell out of Iowa fans on Twitter.

Is this what our Husker existence has become? Sadly, yes. It won’t be forever, though. That’s why we feel confident talking trash to Iowa fans. They won’t beat us forever. But while they do, we should ruin their days and nights. There is no reason they should be able to relish their mediocre successes. They don’t deserve it.

So don’t be ashamed Husker fans. Jump on social media and remind Iowa fans how terrible their existence is. Let them know how stupid and ugly they are. Alert them of our 29-15-3 all-time record against them. Remind them that their only “national championship” was in 1958 when they went 8-1 while LSU went 11-0 (the Tigers won 15 out of 16 of that year’s national championships). Tell them how stupid wrestling and Slipknot are.

And then when we start beating Iowa again, we’ll go back to being classy. But for right now, screw Iowa. Oh, and listen to our latest episode of the Big Red Cobcast.

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