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Create a Caption: I’m Taking My Ball and Going Home

Give us your funniest, most clever caption for this photo!

Gallery Photo: Nebraska vs. Northwestern Gallery

Last week’s image was from the baseball series vs Minnesota. A Husker player, I’m not entirely sure who (maybe Scott Schreiber) is sliding in ahead of the ball. His facial expression as well as those in the dugout were incredibly caption-worthy. Whose submission earned the most “recs”?

We had a tie!

RevengeoftheBlackshirts came up with this...ummm...rhyme?

When you're sliding into home...

And your butt is full of foam…diarrhea…diarrhea…

Also earning a green comment was A Plainsman with:

I'm a penguuuiiiiin!

Congratulations to both of you! You are entered in our drawing this summer for a copy of Through These Gates and any other prizes I can round up. Since interest in this series seems to be dwindling, there are probably only one or two more coming, so get in while the gettin’s good!

The image this week shows Jordan Westerkamp fighting a Wildcat for the ball. What is your take on this? Give us your best caption!

Gallery Photo: Nebraska vs. Northwestern Gallery

Come back often and “rec” the captions you like best. The winner will be the one with the most “recs” when I total them up Monday.