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Five Heart Podcast: Champions, Waffle House, and the Alamo

Greg and Brian are back in a new episode of the Five Heart Podcast.

Featured image: Nebraska sophomore Jesse Wilkening confirms that he's safe as sophomore Angelo Altavilla (7) and senior Alex Raburn (14) signal with the home plate umpire in this file photo from the Minnesota series last month. 
Credit Jon Johnston - Corn Nation

There's reason to celebrate today. The Nebraska Cornhusker baseball team is Big Ten regular season champions. That's a thing. It happened. First time since 2005. And it was

Here's a little video of the boys celebrating.


Posted by Nebraska Baseball on Saturday, May 20, 2017

So we talk about that, Penn State's live stream of the games this weekend (which was 100-times better than the Big Ten Network's coverage), and the upcoming Big Ten Tournament (Huskers play Wednesday at 4pm Central - AND WE TOLD YOU WHAT TIME THE GAME IS!!!).

Waffle House, Mount Rushmore, and the Alamo are all brought up, as well as a quick football recruiting note.

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