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Nebraska Football Profited $37.5 Million Dollars In The 2015 Season

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The Huskers did alright at the bank in Mike Riley’s first season

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

In a story that Penn Live released today, they went over the 2015-16 incomes of Big Ten Football programs.

If you were wondering how things were going with Nebraska, things are just fine, and they will be becoming better soon.

The Nebraska Football AD profited $65 million dollars in the ‘15-16 season, and had expenses of $27.5 million. That left $37.5 million in profit for the first year under Mike Riley that finished at 6-7 with a win in the Foster Farms Bowl over UCLA in San Francisco.

Ticket prices for the ‘15 season were $57 per ticket for regular Season Ticket Holders, sans donation levels that came with location of seat.

If you’re wondering how that matches up with other Big Ten schools, Nebraska ranked 5th in the Big Ten in revenue. The top 5 schools are who you expect in Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin and Nebraska.

What did Penn Live say about Nebraska?

Here begins the elite echelon of the conference, the gold-standard programs whose brands seem impervious to any year-to-year fluctuations of the team fortunes. Though Nebraska endured a rocky 2015 on the field in Mike Riley's rookie season and slipped a notch in the rankings from fourth to fifth, its revenue rose nicely by $4.4M and its net after expenses was a healthy $37.5M in 2015-16.

It’s interesting that Wisconsin, in ‘15-16, gained more than $21 million dollars over the previous year. The program bumped up football tickets by $3 a piece after budget concerns were rampant the previous year after a Big Ten title game appearance. 3 dollars x 80k seats in Camp Randall Stadium helped the cause, but I would like to know what else was done.

Not surprisingly, Rutgers & Maryland were the only 2 schools not to increase revenue in the ‘15-16 season. Both schools were in their infancy of being in the B1G and still are having issues acclimating, although Maryland is closer than Rutgers happens to be.

Nebraska’s getting more money soon, with their probationary status in the conference lifting & a new Big Ten TV contract kicking in come July 1st. It will be interesting to see how that money is spent or saved.