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Big Red Cobcast: High on Defending Randy Gregory

Ryan and Pat examine the status of former Huskers following the NFL Draft, including everyone’s favorite suspended player, Randy Gregory

Florida Atlantic v Nebraska

NFL Draft weekend was less than positive for Nebraska. We had a whopping total of one former Husker selected (unless you include salami-whipping Avery Moss from Youngstown State), which was fewer than such college football powerhouses as Eastern Washington, Wyoming and Louisiana Tech.

And that all happened while former Husker Randy Gregory was getting suspended for approximately the 47th time for smoking weed.

How do we put a positive spin on this? Well, we don’t. At least not immediately.

But good times are ahead for the Huskers thanks to recruiting, and Randy Gregory now has a lot of free time to make himself feel better through medicinal means. Things are looking up!

After all, Dylan Utter was given a tryout with an NFL team, a real-life NFL team, so obviously the world is kinder than any of us ever thought.


That doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty of things for Tweedy and me to disagree about this week. That’s kind of our thing. So tune in and enjoy, and then let us know in the comments (and on social media) what you think. And of course, always feel free to tell Tweedy how wrong he is. That’s also kind of our thing.

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