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You’ll Never Believe The Tip Danny Langsdorf Left This Waitress!!!!

It’s the tip of a lifetime!

Teatro Summer Night's Premiere In Munich Photo by Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images

Jenny McGregor, a waitress at Mazlo’s in Lincoln, Nebraska, was shocked when she returned to one of her waiting tables Thursday evening to find an amazing tip left by Nebraska Offensive Coordinator Danny Langsdorf.

McGregor, who is currently studying business administration at the University of Nebraska Lincoln said, “I couldn’t believe it! Not only was he a gracious and polite diner, but this tip is priceless and just might change my life forever!

The receipt reads “Run Bootleg right, PA to TE on 3rd and 2. Thx Danny.

“What an insight into a brilliant mind!”, McGregor squealed.

“Not only that, but he drew the play out on a napkin and left that for me too!!!”

McGregor’s boyfriend wasn’t as nearly as impressed.

“No triple option?”, said Ben Herman. “He couldn’t coordinate his way out of a paper bag.”

McGregor is scheduled to break up with Herman on Saturday.