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Flakes: Bad Ideas Are Everywhere

Lots of women’s basketball news as well as a small sampling of the bad ideas humans have.

Deflated Lil Red

A couple of the articles I found for the last section really got me thinking about bad ideas.

Everyone has them.

Most of us are smart enough to put them away and forget them. Unless alcohol is involved, then bad ideas never seem quite as bad.

My bad ideas (at least ones that didn’t involve alcohol)? Installing cheap tile on my kitchen floor is right up there. There are about a half dozen cracked tiles and the floor needs to be replaced. The choice of installer was pretty bad too (me).

Well, reading today’s Flakes counts as a good idea on your part. I hope you enjoy today’s serving.

Corn Flakes

Turner Becomes Seventh Husker in WNBA - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Turner Becomes Seventh Husker in WNBA

NU women pick up another commitment from a Minnesota prep standout | Women's Basketball |
The Nebraska women's basketball team has landed another recruit for the 2018 class.

Cascio Jensen headed to South Dakota State | Life in the Red |
Former Nebraska women’s basketball guard Rylie Cascio Jensen has decided to accept a scholarship and continue her career at South Dakota State. Her father, Scott, confirmed the move on Monday

Maurice signs with Jags after successful tryout | Life in the Red |
Kevin Maurice is reportedly one of just two players to emerge from a Jacksonville Jaguars mini-camp tryout with a signed deal.

Mojo really makes this baseball team easy to love. Not giving him a scholarship was a bad I suspect will be rectified by next season.

Nebraska earns a spot in the Big Ten Tourney and wins the hearts of their fans | Sports |
LINCOLN—Huskers grind out series win over Spartans.

Elsewhere In Sports

Josh Allen: Wyoming QB set to be top 2018 NFL draft pick |
Playing in the same offense that produced Carson Wentz, Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen is on his way from overlooked farm boy to the potential No. 1...

This guy might be trained to do this. It would be a bad idea for me to try and catch alligators.

Florida Gators linebacker hunts alligators in spare time
When he's not delivering big hits for the Gators, Florida safety Nick Washington is helping catch alligators that have gotten loose in his hometown of Jacksonville.

espnW -- Body Image Confidential
For women athletes, loving their bodies is a complicated balancing act of maintaining top physical condition, ensuring longevity and battling expectations of femininity. Guided by a survey of college athletes, we explore just how difficult that is.

Friday night games in the Big Ten. Bad idea.

Big Ten officials 'did not expect the blowback' they got for moving football games to Friday nights
ROSEMONT, Ill. — If there’s any small comfort for Jim Tenopir, it’s that he’s not alone. When it comes to the Big Ten and Friday night football, not by a l

Eric Sogard's adorable daughter cried her heart out after Brewers lost - SBNation.comThe Brewers will win next time!

Then There’s This

RompHim Kickstarter Is Trying to Make Male Rompers a Thing
So cute, so difficult to pee.

I didn’t read the article, just wondered who thought an emoji movie sounded like a good idea. Of course, there are people trying to market male rompers, so...humanity is doomed, isn’t it?

'The Emoji Movie' Misses the Point of Emoji | WIRED
In the new animated film, emoji have to do exactly what they were intended for, which is the opposite of what they do IRL.

Maybe there is a chance for humanity after all.

Bragi's Fancy New Earbuds Translate for You in Real Time | WIRED
The new Dash Pros also offer longer battery life, fitness tracking, and that oh-so-sweet custom sound.