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Big Red Cobcast: Goin’ Old School

With Tweedy gone, Pat reunites with Joe to talk about the new signing day and what is in store for the Huskers during the rest of the recruiting cycle.

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It’s May. It’s a time for reuniting and sparking old flames. With Tweedy out of town, this week was a chance for Joe and I re-connect.

And we went old school in every way.

Old intro music? Check.

Standard mid-show sound level issues? Check.

A random couple of minutes talking about the NBA? Check.

Making fun of Tweedy when he’s not around to defend himself? Oh, so many checks.

But beyond that, we got into recruiting. Joe’s an old man who loves talking about 16-year-old dudes. So that’s what we did. We got into the new signing day implemented by the NCAA. We delved into the Husker recruiting class, both where it stands now and what it will look like the rest of the year.

And we also talked about Cutthroat Mike Riley. People think Cutthroat Mike Riley doesn’t exist because they don’t see him. But I think that Cutthroat Mike Riley is merely obscured by Congenial Mike Riley. “Cutthroat” shouldn’t be confused with “Dickhead,” however. We’ve already had that coach in our midst.

So saddle up to the Cobcast and give it a closer listen to get more of an idea of what the hell I’m talking about. Do you agree with our assessment of Coach Riley? Or do you think we’re dumbasses who deserve to be smacked down in the comment section. Regardless of what you think, give it a listen and let us know down below.

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