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Nebrasketball: Top 5 Reasons to Look forward to the 2017-18 Season

Lists serve a purpose. Mainly to fill the off months with content.

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NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Penn State vs Nebraska Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The beginning of May can lead to some pretty slow news days for college athletics. All the major sports are off until school starts up in the fall and teams are doing everything they can to keep out of the news.

We at Corn Nation feel your pain, because it’s our pain. However, it is a great time to start cranking out articles for next season. I mean, who doesn’t love a good piece on who will most likely be backing up the point guard on the basketball team?

It also gives us time for reflection. A great way for us to take what we have seen over the past year, combine it with random facts that have come about since that time, and throw it all in with a splash of “this is what I think will happen”.

This is one of those articles.

I was inspired this morning by our Fearless Leader, Jon Johnston. If you read Corn Flakes this morning you would have read a nice little rant on lists. I’d go into it but I would like you to read the article. Jon’s a really good writer and you should be reading his stuff anyway.

So, with that I give you......


There, is that dramatic enough?

Anyway, on to meat.

5. Issac Copeland - Okay, so we are still trying to figure out whether Issac will be playing 1 12 or 2 years in Lincoln. He transferred out of Georgetown in January of this year and the transfer rules are a little murky on this subject. It’s now up to the NCAA whether he will be eligible at the beginning of the fall semester or the end of the semester in December. Either way, this is an elite small forward who can hopefully bring some solid scoring for the Huskers. He had back surgery in February but should be full strength once practice starts.

4. Thomas Allen - This is a kid who Nebraska got by beating out a lot of top notch teams. Anytime you can pull someone away from the likes of Ohio State, Kansas, and Cincinnati is a nice coupe. This is something we are not use to at Nebraska and it’s good to be on the other end for once. He’s known for being a big scorer so hopefully he can get on the court early and give the Huskers a much needed weapon on offense.

3. Something to look forward to if the Husker football team eats it early on - Let’s be honest, we are a football state. While there are a few true Nebrasketball die hards they are usually hard to find unless you drink at The Grapevine. Most people look at Nebrasketball as a distraction when the football team doesn’t live up to our oh so high expectations. So, if the spread offense that we are implementing this year doesn’t take hold or GQ Diaco’s 3-4 turns out to be a dud, you will have find solace in the fact that Nebrasketball is right around the corner.

2. Tim Miles - Love him or hate him, the guy has defined modern Nebrasketball. Before him we sat around hoping for upsets with players that a lot of mid majors didn’t go after. Now, we’ve got transfers from major programs to talk about and four star recruits coming to us straight from high school. Yes, the last few years have been rough and you can chalk a lot of the success recruiting in the new digs but Miles has at least kept people in the seats. I can’t imagine Doc or Barry doing that right now. Plus, they guy has an entertaining personality that’s easy to like and a twitter account that will hopefully come back online at some point. Plus, it’s pretty much do or die for him this year so anything can happen.

1. Kent Pavelka - Football ditched him and Nebrasketball gets him. The prodigal son returned and as entertaining as ever. If you don’t love this Husker die hard calling the games then you either don’t listen to the games on the radio or don’t have a soul.

So what do you think? What did I leave out? Give us your thoughts and we might just read it.