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Nebraska Submits Proposal to NCAA for Prenatal D1 Signing Period

Might as well get an early start!

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LINCOLN, NE - On Tuesday Nebraska submitted a proposal to the NCAA’s Football Oversight Committee to create a prenatal signing period for future recruits, to take place between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy.

Nicknamed the “Scott Frost Rule”, Nebraska’s proposal is designed to streamline the recruiting process for unborn children with a genetic predisposition toward outstanding college football performance while simultaneously eliminating the painful and often embarrassing parental experience of a child choosing to abandon his own state institution and attend some far-away West Coast school.

Currently, recruits can only sign Letters of Intent to attend a particular school between February 1st and April 1st. A recent change to the NCAA’s policy on this will allow a slightly earlier signing period for a few days in December the year prior.

Jonathan Bateman, Assistant Director of Compliance at the University of Nebraska Athletic Department, told Corn Nation “We see this as a way to make the decision of where to play football easier for the recruits by taking it completely out of the recruit’s hands and placing it in the far wiser hands of his parents.”

The proposal will be considered at the committee’s next full meeting in August.

A senior unnamed source in the Nebraska Athletic Department stated that a proposal to allow redshirts to play in up to 13 games per year was considered, but tabled for further development before submission to the NCAA for consideration.