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Nebraska Football Spring Practice #12 Report

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Scrimmages! Angry Mike Riley!

David McGee

Nebraska football practiced today, scrimmaging for around three hours.

From the AD release:

Head coach Mike Riley met with media after practice to break down Saturday’s practice.

“We had a lot of football,” Riley mentioned. “We wanted to get all the guys, the first two teams in particular, we wanted to get some tackling. We orchestrated a tackling drill that was just kind of a one-on-one tackle at the goal line. We orchestrate it to where it’s going to be pretty safe but they can tackle to the ground. Then we had 12 plays live after that that were situational. One of them was a first and 10, second down, if it gets to the third down then three or less, the offense wins the play, more than three the defense wins. So each group did three of those sets. That was pretty competitive and situational. All the other stuff we did was situational too, some third down [drills], coming out stuff and red zone. At the end we wanted the young guys to scrimmage so they must’ve got 20 plays.”

Offensive linemen are moving around, as noted, Cole Conrad practicing at center, while John Raridon moved over to guard.

I’d caution about reading a whole lot into this - specifically the rotations. Remember that there are no depth charts in spring practice, and the coaches shouldn’t be releasing anything like that nor worrying about it as well.

They’re going to move offensive linemen, particularly interior linemen, around to see what combinations work better than others. Conrad seems to need to find a place to be, although it’s nice that he can move around easily between positions.

More from AD:

Coach Riley briefly mentions sophomore running back Tre Bryant’s improvements as well as the running back competition.

“Tre’s [Bryant] a good example of that guy that has grown and it shows that growth in how he carries himself with confidence in what he’s doing. I think the completion between those two guys [Tre Bryant and Mikale Wilbon] is really close right now. Devine [Ozigbo] is doing well right now too but I think those other two are pretty close.”

More standard “they’re really close” talk from head coach Mike Riley, this time about the running backs, Tre Bryant and Mikale Wilbon.

Comment on the quarterbacks?

It’s the same as it ever was. They’re “close”. You know damned well that we’re not going to get any indication as to who the starter will be until that guy walks out on the first offensive play of the 2017 season. That’s the way it should be.

If you’re “Run the Dadgummed Ball” guy - here, feel better:

And if you’re “They’re not tough enough, they need more fire, more anger, more fight”, well, then this should make you happy as well.

And this should make you even happier! It turned into a FRACAS. HAPPY NOW, “WANT A FRACAS GUY?”

I have no idea what this is, but Brian wanted me to put it in here. You know Brian, our Brian, does radio spots with Nick Gregath right?

Nebraska’s spring game is one week from today. 60,000 tickets have already been sold. Get yours!