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Nebraska Football Spring Practice #11 Report

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Injuries, injuries, injuries.

Gallery: Practice!

The Nebraska Cornhuskers went down and got work done on Thursday, completing practice #11 of the 2017 spring period.

Normally, OC Danny Langsdorf and offensive players would be the ones speaking, but HC Mike Riley had some injury news that wasn’t good at all.

That is a really tough break for JoJo, who was shining at safety. However, the redshirt is still there, so hopefully things get back to where he was originally.

Natter already has struggled in seeing the field, so this is bad for him. Unlike Domann though, one wonders what his future on the team holds due to this.

Hopefully Reimers can go in the spring game, to show the continuing development that he’s been showing.

The race to replace Dylan Utter at center has a new name in the fracas.

It seems like Conrad is good enough to run with the 1’s, but at the same time there is a “fill in where necessary” type of approach. Some kids can do that well, some cannot.

Saturday will be the next workout day and will mark exactly one week before the spring game on April 15. Check back here for all the goods!