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Corn Flakes: Johnny The Jet And Ronnie Green

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The first you know, the second you may not, but you probably should.

Ronnie Green will be installed as the new Harvey Perlman today, becoming the 20th Chancellor of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in a ceremony this morning at 11 am. Y’all are invited, and you can even watch online.

This man will have more effect on your lives than the President of the United States. Is that a bold statement? I don’t think so. You’re either going to have a state full of well-educated people or you’re not, and it will be part of Ronnie Green’s duty to continue the mission of the University of Nebraska - to serve the people of the state of Nebraska in their pursuit of higher education.

YES, there is a university attached to the sports teams! It’s really important! It’s important for economy and it’s important in growing the minds that will allow us to sustain this consumption lifestyle that we, as humans, have established for ourselves.

Congratulations to Ronnie Green.

Green's official installation as chancellor is April 6 | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The chancellor's installation is a celebratory tradition that officially marks the start of a new chancellorship at Nebraska. Typically held during the chancellor’s first year in office, the event provides an opportunity to welcome a new chapter in the institution’s history and to celebrate as a community. **[Watch live at 11 am here](**.

UNL | Study finds support for new forms of liquid water | Office of Research & Economic Development

In its gaseous state, water takes the form of vapor; as a solid, it can adopt at least 21 forms of ice whose molecular structure varies with the temperature and pressure surrounding it. But its most famous state – the liquid covering two-thirds of Earth’s surface and sustaining all life on it – has remained something of a mystery.

Four alumni to speak at Executive Insights panel April 13 | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Four distinguished alumni executives will share their perspectives on leadership and business success at the College of Business Administration spring Executive Insights panel from 4 to 6 p.m. April 13 in the Nebraska Union Auditorium.

Major gift to elevate Lied Center's classical offerings | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The gift from Anabeth Hormel Cox (pictured at left in this file photo with her late husband, Ted, with Yo-Yo Ma) will enable the Lied Center to showcase some of the world's most accomplished and sought-after classical music artists and performance companies.

'Backyard Farmer' set for 65th season | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Expert panelists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are preparing to answer new viewer questions when the 65th season of the show premieres at 7 p.m. April 6 on NET1.

Johnny The Jet!

Here’s an interview I did with Rodgers in 2007, when I asked him about what was wrong with the football team, and about robbing that gas station.

Given that we have the most massive gob of recruits ever, there’d better damned well be a huge crowd. Who’s going?

And more....

Johnny talks about “what has to happen” for Nebraska to get back to winning.

And because we need more videos...

Adam Carriker Talks With Jason Peter

Jason Peter talks with Adam Carriker about what made the Huskers of two decades ago so tough and what needs to happen for Nebraska to return to championship form

Saying Goodbye to Tai Webster - BT Powerhouse

Tai Webster is graduating from Nebraska. He’s leaving behind a legacy.

Seven Big Ten Teams Projected In ESPN’s 2018 NCAA Bracket - BT Powerhouse

See where the Big Ten came in ESPN’s first 2018 bracketology.

Is Nebraska in this list? Do you even have to ask? Sigh.

The end is in sight for Bill Snyder after cancer battle, if he could only see it -

The Kansas State coach may be getting closer to the end of his career, but don't tell him that

Texas set to host Bill Belichick for High School Coaches Clinic - Burnt Orange Nation

The Longhorns have never hosted anything like this before.

PJ Fleck’s foray into badminton & gymnastics is why I’m enjoying his Minnesota Football tenure so much - The Daily Gopher

Coach Fleck is out there making every day more fun!

Caleb Swanigan to Enter NBA Draft, Not Hire Agent - Hammer and Rails

The Sophomore NPOTY finalist announces he’s going to test the NBA waters.

2017 NFL mock draft: Big changes in the top 5 -

If the 49ers take Solomon Thomas at No. 2, it causes a chain reaction throughout the top 10.

Every time Skip Bayless says something dumb, his sad TV ratings get thrown in his face -

Every time he says something dumb, his TV ratings get thrown in his face.

This should say - “Every time he says something” because everything he says is dumb. Bayless falls into the “just because they’re trying to feed you shit doesn’t mean you have to eat it” category of television. I’m glad no one watches him. No one should be paying attention to him on any media platform.

Then There’s This

The Masters is this week, apparently. I’m not a golf guy. I don’t play golf. I don’t watch golf (I have no idea why anyone would WATCH golf, honestly), but these sounded like fun, so they’re here.

Golf movies, ranked -

The ones we’ve seen, plus other pieces of media.

I agree with the author. It’s Caddyshack, and then nothing else. I commented that “Falling Down” should be #2 just for that scene where Michael Douglas shoots the golf cart and causes the old dude in the stupid hat to have a heart attack.

What is your worst golfing experience? -

The SB Nation staff is telling you ours so that you’ll tell us yours.

I don’t recall any incidents where I hit the ball and injured someone (or myself). I usually could hit the ball pretty straight. It didn’t go a long ways, but for someone who played golf every once in a while, I did decent.

Worst experiences.... being told not to pull my pants down again on a course in Denver. Flying out of a golf cart early in the morning and landing directly on my head when my old college roommate executed a bootlegger turn - it was a good thing I was partially hungover, partially smashed so my body wasn’t tense when this happened, otherwise I would have broken my neck.

You guys?