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Nebraska Recruiting: Over 40 Visitors Right Now For The 2017 Red/White Spring Game

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An incredible feat by the staff to get this many unofficial visits on campus considering the circumstances.

Brendan Radley-Hiles
Student Sports

I haven’t been writing much about Nebraska’s recruiting efforts since National Signing Day. For that, I completely apologize to you all. That being said, there’s not much to write about in the department.

Come again?

Yes, I said it. There’s not been much to write about until now.

Oh yes, it’s been busy. Offers have been FLYING out of the North Stadium offices this whole spring. By the count of Nebraska’s 247Sports site, over 170 offers have been made to kids for the ‘18 class already. Since 280 were made for the ‘17 cycle, that seems to be on par with wanting to get on top of the class early and getting kids into Lincoln.

But, it’s just offers. If I kept up with every offer & obsessed over it, I’d go nuts. If you’re going to get my interest in a kid for Nebraska, he’s got to show he wants to see what is going down in Lincoln.

That’s where we are now. The Spring game is coming in 10 days.

And, with the forecasted list for the Spring game, it’s going to be one of the best visitor lists Nebraska has ever amassed. EVER.

How big? These were the visitor locations before I updated the list below. I’ll have to do that for next week, but JUST ALONE here, here’s what we have.

California- 14
Texas - 6
Nebraska & Missouri - 3 each
Pennsylvania, Georgia, Oregon - 2 each
DC, Florida, Michigan, Delaware, Oklahoma, South Dakota - 1 each.

The list has over 40 current visitors, not including a few on the 2020 radar. ALL these visitors are on their own dime, on Easter Weekend. And it’s not like there’s not other Spring scrimmages happening that weekend.

Texas, Ohio State, USC, Michigan, Stanford, Missouri, Oklahoma State, Arizona State, Louisville, Pitt, West Virginia, Minnesota, Utah and Kansas are all having games that day too.

That’s pretty good for a school you have to schedule multiple flights for, huh?

Who do I have visiting right now? This is a rough list, and expect some names added & subtracted for now. BUT, here’s what I got:

2018 Visitors

4-star recruits:

Isaac Taylor-Stuart DB

Brendan Radley-Hiles DB

Olaijah Griffin DB

Michael Thompson DT

Joshua Moore WR

Manuel Allen WR

Cameron Jurgens TE/DE - Nebraska commit

Eric Fuller WR - Nebraska commit

Steve Stephens DB

Merlin Robertson ILB

Talanoa Hufanga ATH

Chase Williams WR/DB

Brevin White QB

Calvin Avery DT - same HS as Damion Daniels

Bryan Addison ATH

Ronnie Perkins DE

Mario Goodrich DB

Jordan Moore DB - Texas A&M verbal

Chris Bleich OT - Penn State verbal

Jacquayln Crawford WR

Shaquon Anderson-Butts WR

3-star recruits:

Nikko Hall DB - committing Friday, odds say to USC. May not visit

Antwan Reed OT

Reggie Hughes OLB/DE

Kobe Smith WR

Jalen Redmond DE

Draco Bynum DE

Mychale Salahuddin RB

Sean Ryan WR

Judge Culpepper TE/DE

Christian Turner RB

Grahm Roberts RB

Daniel Carson DE

Will Farniok OC - brother of Nebraska OL Matt Farniok

Masry Mapieu DT - Nebraska commit

Josh Walker DT

Kassidy Woods WR

2019 Visitors

Max Williams CB

Grant Gunnell QB

Marquez Beason ATH - same HS as Damion Daniels & Calvin Avery

Chris Steele DB - UCLA verbal

Jalani Williams WR

Brian Williams DB - Avery, Beason & Daniels team mate

Kyren Williams WR

Of the 2018 kids, 22 of the 38 kids are 4-star recruits, the rest are at minimum 3-star. The 2019 visitors, most of their stars are incomplete, so don’t sweat that.

As I always, this is a fluid list that will add & subtract names up to next weekend. That being said, the fact that a majority of these names are coming to town on their own dime is incredible work by the Nebraska staff.

What can you do? Get some sunny skies & good temperatures dances going. And, by all means, say hi but don’t be creepy.