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Nebraska Football Spring Practice #10 Report

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The Huskers got back on it today with the spring game less than 2 weeks away!

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The Nebraska football team got back on the field at North Stadium to mark the two-thirds point of spring football with workout #10 today.

As it’s been with all the Tuesday workouts, defensive coordinator Bob Diaco was the main focus speaking with the media after today’s practice.

Because of the Nebraska baseball game going down at the same time practice ended, there’s not a lot of chatter from folks on Twitter today. But, as the famous saying goes, we’ll just do the best we can with what we got.

Word on the street from several folks was that the D got the better of the offense during Saturday’s scrimmage. If you asked Diaco though, as LandOf10’s Chris Heady did, you’ll get a meh message.

Linebackers seem to be the ones standing out Saturday and today. Mohammed Barry, who was said to have a decent Saturday, was showing off again on Tuesday.

Interesting quote about safety Kieron Williams, who has seemingly moved down the “depth chart.”

I mean, I get that. We at CN beg for depth charts and so do most people, so we know who is doing better than others and such. That being said, during these workouts you want players not caring about where they stand and just going at it.


It could be, I mean, there were borderline brawls during the game when Mark Banker and Hank Hughes were in Lincoln.

Luke Gifford has seemed to be close to breaking through his whole time in Lincoln, as he was one of the guys that took to Trent Bray’s teachings quickly. I would like to know how close this is, as it seems that Newby’s pass rushing skills would be paramount to get on the field at the OLB spot.

That’s all we got today, the Huskers get back on the field on Thursday, with the Spring game ready to fire on April 15 still.