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Big Red Cobcast: Run the Daggum Ball?

Musician NicSon defends his Big Red Cobcast intro song and pleads for a run-heavy Husker squad

Fresno State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. The biggest obstacle is getting back up. NicSon, who recorded and produced a new intro for the Big Red Cobcast (and also did a couple songs for Tweedy’s film Through These Gates, including my personal favorite), got knocked on his ass last week.

Some people loved his intro. Some didn’t.

So what did we do? We decided to ruin his weekend by calling him up and asking what he thought about all the criticism.

And NicSon was more than game. He also wanted to talk Husker football. Like a lot. Including how he misses the good ol’ option days and why we should slide back into that era of Husker football. We also talked Tim Miles, Ed Morrow and what being a Husker fan truly means.

We didn’t always agree on everything, but man was it fun. Give it a listen! And when you’re done, go check out some of NicSon’s music.

And when you’re done, try and win some free stuff!

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